please stop bothering me about gambeling

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  1. ok,i have had several people show up to my chance game claiming its a fraud and a scam and saying its illegal to do on the servers. well i will gladly show the red stone to you and i will gladly introduce several winners of my game to you and i do not care if its illegal if a mod asks me to return your money i will happily oblige. now please, STOP TELLING ME TO SHUT IT DOWN. sorry to sound mean.

    i would also like to add that the game is on smp2 and at /v 4375 its 20r a try and if you get redstone as a prize its a free try there are two prizes recieved every win, not every time, its a choice of three levers two drop you into void and two are winners i have pistons to change the levers each time.
  2. If your casino has no odds posted, it is breaking the rules,and can earn you a ban.

    Also, can I look at it?
  3. Also, if you don't know how to calculate odds, don't make a casino.
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  4. Follow the rules, or find a different server to cheat/rulebreak on:) If its illegal, it will be taken down, or YOU will be taken down:) Its always fun to see that in the chat:p
  5. what i mean is im tired of random people who want a free turn coming up and saying that is a scam and telling me its dumb when actually i have great prizes and and its 1/2 chances of winning
  6. Im from England and so are you Her3rine and as such we are blessed with a great legal system that believes in "innocent untill proven guilty" He has pointed out he belives he was hacked, the mods are looking into this,

    As per the game there are 3 trap doors so in that case the odds of winning are 1/3 you need to make a sign on your lot showing this...
  7. Yes.

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  8. You do realize that its the same way in the U.S. , right?
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  9. Guantanamo Bay?
  10. Thats something different. He was referring to U.S. citizens, which those are not.
  11. I'm seeing a lot of accusations being thrown around, which is also not allowed. If you have one, submit it to a mod.
  12. That's the legal system. You guys are convicting this guy in a public forum. If you suspect something, tell Staff.
  13. Nice evidence. One American citizen was held, who was captured in Afghanistan, and then he was released back to Saudi Arabia. Yes I read that article. Kind of weak evidence. And that's all I'm going to say. I've helped too much in derailing the thread. :(
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  14. Im not accusing anyone:)Great evidence. Basically he was born in the U.S. (to Arabian parents), then left quickly for Saudi Arabia. Then he ran from home to go join the Taliban (a terrorist group). He isnt American. He is as American as someone who was born here because their parents were on vacation.
    /Fail Evidence.
    Edit: Sorry if i was harsh:(
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  15. So you weren't jk. Sorry. I clicked Reply on you because it fit with my point about what's been going on in this thread and a lot of other ones. You know my feelings about these types of threads. Carry on.
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  16. I've just completed a cleanup of this thread and I didn't enjoy it.

    1. To clear a few things up: after an investigation by one of the moderators, it was determined that the OP's account was indeed hacked. He has been completely exonerated and cleared of all wrongdoing. Thank you to the few of you who kept a clear head in this thread. The rest can send their apologies to the OP in private messages.
    2. If you run any kind of game of chance, you must accurately calculate the odds and post them on a sign at the place where the gambling takes place. If this sign is missing, you can be banned. Usually, though, you will be asked to either address the oversights or remove the offending game but this is at the discretion of the moderator who responds to a complaint.