Please - Longer delay before auto-assigning derelict residences to new players.

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  1. There are a couple neighboring plots I've been watching. Each time they go derelict they are reassigned to a new player within a day. This small window makes it very hard to claim those spots, which is especially frustrating because I need the three to complete a quad.

    I don't want anyone to lose their plot. I think the 10-day timer is fine. What's difficult with the fast recycle is that I can't be sure they'll all open again or stay open. If they remained derelict for a little longer then I could claim them, or wait for all of them to go derelict.

    There are many other open plots. Seems like there could be a delay without greatly increasing the number of derelict plots.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry. This was meant for the suggestion forum.

    Admins please move :(
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  3. i really like the idea +1 definitely annoying waiting and waiting for the derelict thing annnnnd then its gone.
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  4. Sorry it's not going to happen. Auto claiming was the biggest improvement we did to the new player experience.
    It was also annoying our veteran players constantly having to explain how to claim a residence.

    The system does calculations to get rid of the abandoned ones quicker, but it doesnt run until res's are needed... so there is always a window.

    If you want to get it, simply forceclaim it before the system reclaims it. Theres a window of when a res is derelict before the system actually unclaims it, so take note on when it goes derelict and get on when the time hits to force claim it.
  5. Heya,
    I have a spare res slot or two. I'm usually very available during the day to hop onto emc. I could perhaps watch these residences and claim them for you if you're unable to login during the time that they go derelict?
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  6. I think the auto-claim was a great add. Also like the recycling of rarely used residences so that we keep more plots open. So I'm not asking to be rid of them, I'd just like a longer time where I can claim the residence before it's automatically reassigned.

    I've seen veteran residences stay derelict for a long time. That's a good feature that I'm glad you added. I've seen players return after over two weeks of being derelict and they were able to keep their residence. I think veterans should continue to have a long grace period.

    My request is that the window for new players residences maybe be increased from 24-hours to 72-hours. (I think it's 24-hours, it could be less.)
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  7. Just to add some further info, for new players who go derelict, the window looks like it's only 1-2 hours before the res goes to "open" and is available for new player auto-assignment.
  8. I think 12-24 hours would be plenty. I have been trying to get one res for about 5 months now. I have logged on a couple hours after it went derelict twice now and it was already taken. Once I forgot and checked the next day, it was about 18 hours after it went derelict that time and I blamed myself. The other two times was just frustrating. 3 of my plots sit empty because I don't have the last one to do my build.