Please kill this Momentus smp1

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  1. Hey yall, so i was going exploring the other day pretty close to my outpost and i stmbled upon a Momentus! i tried to kill it but after many attempts ive failed, hes really been cheesing me off. However i have been able to trap him in an 8x8 hole from which he cannot escape. So please will some noble hero on the empire go and kill him for me please? The co-ords are as follows, 14510, -12066 on smp1. Thanks a bundle!
  2. Your foe has finally been defeated, you will find your previous belongings as well as the momentus drops (including toothpick) in a chest at the vicinity of the battle for your collection.
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  3. lol seriously?
  4. i cannot thank you enough for doing this! Tell me, how did you kill him so easily?
  5. Hold up. Are you telling me... You gave away a Momentus Toothpick? HOLY ASDFJKL
  6. I know.. I feel your pain!
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  7. you should totally give me that toothpick ;)
  8. To answer your question, lots of potions, legit armor, and a Smite V sword. Pretty much it lol, and you have to have some PvP/mob fighting skills (PvP is kind of the same but harder which is why I included it)
  9. Yes he did give me the toothpick
    and i am very thankful. This was a random act of kindness and i could not be more greatful. I hope everyone who sees this takes something away from this and shares this kindness. Thank you Dejamu
  10. 0_0