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  1. Hello everybody... sooo i have a problem with the well known game, HL...2
    The flashlight doesnt work...only on barrels it doesnt illuminate anything else only certain NPC s and barrels... could anybody help fixing it?
  2. No need for the language in the poll. :)
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  3. Love the language in the poll :)
  4. Thanks for nothing forums... said the poll
  5. HL...2 being what?
    People like me have no idea what that means, and we might actually be ale to help. No need to be rude about it all
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  6. Half Life 2 :)
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  7. I'm assuming you mean Half-life 2. I found a few links for you to look at. Mostly they suggest that the problem has something to do with the way the things your Flashlight is shining on are rendered by your video card.

    Check posts #2 and 8 here:
  8. My apologies my fella
  9. thanks... this actually helped i wonder if i ll have to do it evey time
  10. I don't have HL2. I have played HL and have messed with it a bit playing custom maps. I played a lot of HL, TF, and CS with my sons and friends back in the days before Steam. Once HL2 and Steam came out, it kind of killed things for us but we still play occassionally.

    You should be able to make a shortcut to start it in Console mode with the parameters. I would make a copy of your current shortcut then rename it and edit the command line.

    For a Steam game, you would want something like this:
    steam.exe -applaunch 220 -console +r_dynamic 1 +r_shadows 1 +r_newflashlight 0

    220 is the Steam ID for HL2. You'll have to look up whatever variation of the game you are playing in the link below or your current shortcut may have it.

    If using the console variables in the game shortcut command line doesn't work, you can instead start it in console mode then set up a keybind to issue the proper variable commands before you play. I think the bind command goes: bind key "command(s)"
    So something like: bind / "+r_dynamic 1 +r_shadows 1 +r_newflashlight 0", would make it so that pressing the "/" key in game would set the variables up for your flashlight to work.

    You may be able to do the bind on the command line too. You'll just have to try things and see what works best.

    Command line info: