Please Help! - A Noteblock Dilema

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  1. Hey, guys, I need help! I cannot decide which song I should make in singleplayer, using Noteblocks. So I am taking suggestions! I'll email anybody who helps the world when I'm done!
  2. Do the Lord of the Rings theme XD
  3. Lol I can try.. it is harder to find a MIDI file download for one of those. (yes, I'm going to handbuild it, but I want to use Minecraft Noteblock Studio to figure out the notes)
  4. lol this will be difficult. The 14th prayer (not sure what it's really called) from D.Gray-Man ;D
  5. D Gray man FTW
  6. Umm.... Yukon? WHICH lord of the rings theme? Lol maybe I'll just do them all..
  7. Ok, I'll try DGRAY MAN
  8. which ever the one is thats playing when the fellowship is marching out of Rivendell, and over the mountain... Dum dumdumdum DUMDUMDUM dadadadum dumdumdum dumdum dadadum! haha I know that wont help any :p I'll find the track after my Calc test in 40 mins.
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  9. I want loads of suggestions so that I can choose the best of them all :p
  10. And Yukon, I have just typed in 'lord of the rings theme midi download' and went on to FREEMIDI. Downloaded all 10 of the different ones for testing later :)
  11. Popcorn, if it wasn't so laggy, I'd make it on SMP2 :/
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  12. Did I say 10? 14 different 'Lord of the Rings' themes :p but one of them was called 'FellowShipoftheRing' so that could be the one you speak of.
  13. hmm can't seem to find any d'gray man midi downloads =/
  14. one by swedish house mafia would be the best cause its cool and simple :)
  15. could you please name one of their songs? of the Swedish House Mafia
  16. ONE by SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA :) the song is called one
  17. Save the World...
  18. got it :D will be testing all the songs out in Minecraft Noteblock Studio in a few mins
  19. ok mate would be awesome :)