Please guys, help me

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  1. Hey guys I am very poor I am selling 15diamonds for some rupees and also selling a diamond sword bane of athropods 1 a little bit used....please guys bid responslby
  2. Please bid, have a hart<3 lol
  3. ill bid 450r for the 15 diamonds :)
  4. Awesome, Keep going guys
  5. Well. If its going to help! I bid 500r for the diamonds ;)
  6. its enchanted! you should at least give him 500r to 1k. :)

    P.S. i hope you make some cash!
  7. Sorry,I don't know the price of an enchanted sword
  8. I am much apresiated with the offer you guys give me...thanks
  9. Thanks, by the way I'm a her not a him;) haha
  10. I will sell the sword for 300 to anything please
  11. I got betrayed I have nothing left except the stuff I'm selling now and some other things:(
  12. Biddings end tomorrow at midnight
  13. I will buy it for 310 r
  14. Ok go to my res when ever I'm on:)
  15. Should I send you the rupees now?
  16. Oh u on SMP4 ? would u like to work for me on SMP2
    I have stuff to make tree farm. if u wanna chop tree for me
    I pay 30r for every stack of log chop down

    EDIT : max of 30 stack. and work end. more than that i dont pay (900r max) I need rupees too :)
  17. Ok do you supply axes?
  18. I have sent 310 r to you.Check your balance logs :)

    Edit:Can you bring it to smp2 if you can?If yes,go to 4191 and drop the sword into the chest