please get a mod.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ImParanoid, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Can we please get a mod on smp4. If one were on I'd pm them. But since none are I'm resorting to the forums.
  2. I suggest hopping through the other servers:)
  3. I checked the server's on this website, none were on.
  4. I always forget about that!
  5. It's better no but for like 10-20 min straight 7-8 people were arguing....
  6. The Staff are all having pizza at my place. Hang on, I'll get one for you...

    More seriously, using /report in game will get the attention of whoever might log in next. If you simply must get a conversation started, go here:

    Pick whoever's picture you like the best, or whoever you think is most likely to be around at this time of day and click on the link next to their picture. Once at their profile page, click the Information tab, then click "Start a Conversation".
  7. Like I said, no mod/admin/staff was online. And like I also said, I reported all of them.
  8. Well done.