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  1. I do enjoy the fact that we have the recommended server, but as an SMP4 person I notice that it is getting quite populated and most new people are well... new. They keep skipping the tutorial, not knowing crap about the empire and some of them just can not spell. So please Aikar, change the recommended server. I am getting tired of answering questions that were in the Tutorial that they didn't take and I can not stand that grammar they use.
  2. How about instead of swapping the server, actually make people do the tutorial... I'm sorry but having the option to skip tutorial in my opinion is just stupid. Why? Because it gives players who are only connecting for the purpose to advertise or spam or grief the ability to do it quickly without having to put any effort in first! The other reason why giving players the ability to skip is a bad choice is that as SkyDragonv8 said: they don't know anything, even the most basic things that they'd know if they were forced to do tutorial!

    Honestly I don't mind what server is recommended it's just this whole ability to skip tutorial is really bugging me... Nothing against you Aikar or any of the staff that were involved in the decision, you all do great for the Empire!
  3. Oh the irony.
  4. ^ocd grammer nazi.

    :p but in all seriousness, don't change it to smp2. Change it to smp6.

    Edit: ninja'd x2
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  5. Cannot and Can not are the same :)
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  6. Both forms are acceptable.
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  7. They are both technically acceptable, but it is generally more common to use "cannot" as "can not is generally more of a British English thing, which in a way is a different language. So unless you speak British English you should not be using that.

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  8. Umm, as an American I can use any form I want. Can not/Cannot, Soda/Pop, Shoes/Sneakers.

    You can not take that away from me.
  9. I agree. The tutorial should not be able to be skipped. Maybe make a smaller, less confronting and confusing tutorial. I just found the new one to be a bit, over the top and confusing when it was first released. And this has been simply patched with heaps of text piled onto your screen, no one is going to ready that.

    Although, if you were to speak english correctly, you would say can not. Much like you should spell color, colour etc. :p
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  10. Yes.
    But never ever put it on one.

    Also, like Stads said, the tutorial skipping is pretty stupid, so maybe if a new player joins, they must do the tutorial, but new alts can skip (like track the IP). :p
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  11. Well I think this thread got redirected...
  12. *proper English :p

    Also, no, we don't :p We use cannot sometimes, but mostly can't. I don't think i've ever actually seen anybody write, or heard anybody say, 'can not'. And i've lived in England my whole life, so, yeah :p (Although i'm mostly irish, welsh and a little bit Spanish...)
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  13. Well you can trust anything on the interwebs. They can't put anything on there that isn't true. I heard that on the interwebs.
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  14. I am currently dating Miss America.
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  15. Could we change the subject back, please?
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  16. Uhm no.. Cannot has an extra "not" at the end. ;)

    Just remove he /skip part, and all shall be dandy.
  17. What's the difference between a Potato and Tomato?

    Both are red except for one.
  18. keep this thread on topic please.
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  19. Nice signature. Anyways, you have news of when there will be a new server thing?