Please Ban Me!!!!!

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  1. hey admin this is sype, i have been hacked so i had to make a new account. so i would sincerely appreciate it if u would perm ban this account because i dont know who this is! Do this as soon as possible, and once again Thanks.
  2. Please do this in a PM.
  3. At least it's not a "plz unban meh" thread...
  4. Yeah, a thread begging to ban is a first... But like DaJaKoe said, talk to a mod about this in a PM.
  5. Wait......
    If his account was hacked, how do we know that this is truly him asking to be banned?
  6. We'll never know.
  7. ....
    That makes sense.
  8. Whats your other account?
  9. Somewhat a copher field goodbye thread
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  10. Don't ban him! Its obviously he's the hacker trying to troll the original account owner by getting him banned.
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  11. If the account is stolen it's not much better banned for a hacker. It could very well be someone with a different EMC site password than actual minecraft password, and they legitimately want their old account to be banned so the hacker doesn't get a free minecraft account (on this server at least :() If someone is going to steal an account they're most likely going to keep it and use it for their own personal evil reasons.
  12. tootsie-roll-pop-owl.jpg
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  13. This is arguably the most pointless thread in EMC, lol.

    [HINT]: Change of password, perhaps?
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  14. Well ya but turns out you can get arrested for stealing someones MC account. My friend told the cops that this kid hacked his MC account and the kid got arrested and was stuck in Jail or Juvie for a Month.
  15. Yay and I was seriously surprised that kid hacked his account. Idk how but he did.
  16. I knew it!
    I'm not insane!
  17. When I first saw the title, I was like... O.0
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  18. We need one of those mods with big brains find this vun out
  19. omg u guiz I Ned u 2 ban me nao plox I am b in haxd it not cuul
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