PlayStation Meeting 2013 - TwitchTV Streams

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  1. 23:00 GMT :/ I should be asleep by then really :/ darn you twitch :/
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  2. I will find it hilarious if Sony just comes out and announces something completely random. Although I do hope to see the new Playstation.
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  3. awe man :/ now someone has more Signature pictures xD
  4. Agrees with all the above. Sony keeps you guessing.
  5. I imagine a guy is going to get up on a stage and say, "Hey everybody thanks for tuning into this live stream. We just wanted to say: screw you guys, here is a new version of the Vita."
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  6. Well my internet crapped out five minutes into the press conference. I guess I will try to find it on gamespot or youtube later.
  7. When I first saw the title I noticed twitch's profile picture and was like "hey, twitch is doing a live stream on the playstation". XD
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  8. PS4 with high-end PC parts in it. :)
    GDDR5 8 Gig ram, APU, etc. etc. It runs Unreal Engine 4 beautifully :)

    Mine crapped on me too so I am going back to chatting with the wife on Skype..
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  9. Spoilers if you missed it so far:

    So far they've announced revolutionary things such as mobile gaming device connections (Xbox Smartglass) and a sensor bar for their new controller (Nintendo Wii controller).

    ...Oh, let's not forget about their awesome Cloud Storage technology! (2005)

    They showed awesome new game ideas such as Infamous 2, another Killzone, and a racing game...with clan support.

    So far, I'm not impressed, haha.
  10. I have a feeling that after I watch the press conference I will be sticking with my plan to build a pc.
  11. So far I think what they have made is cool, much better than any current console the Dual GPU feature is cool and the cloud gaming feature is Really epic but would only work well if you have good internet (4Gb download+)

    If it's under £350 it's worth the price because the power to Price would be very good.
  12. Sony: Hah we are releasing the new Super Sega XBoxWii60Dreamcast Station Advance Screw you Microsoft!
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  13. My husband and I always describe their stuff like this. "Oh hey they came out with Playstation Move." "Oh you mean the Wii Mote with a ball on the end?"
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  14. So many corporate buzzwords...
  15. Still no Final Fantasy Versus XIII or The Last Guardian *sigh*.