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  1. Okay, today I was on Smp8 trying to buy some buckets. So I advertised for it and the person( I won't include a name)said come to my res for buckets. So i said, " okay what's ur res number". Then he said his superrrr long name with a crap load of numbers in it. And I was like,"wow... How do you have a nice res but dont know ur res number... I even asked him If he knew and he didn't know how...
    So I was wondering if somone could uhmmm, I don't know, add better tips like,
    1. If you don't know your res number then type: /res info
    2. (How to make a teleporter)
    3.(how to make a shop)
    Also I think the tutorial should show you how to do these things. It would be nice if u had to do it b4 leaving the tutorial.
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  2. This is what the Empire Guide it for
  3. also, I'm often too lazy to find out what my res # is, and I can NEVER remember them, since I tend to move around a bit.
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  4. I never type /home - remembering is pretty easy.
  5. do /reply
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  6. if you have any kind of mod that gives you a hot key option.. this should always be on one ;)
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  7. You live on SMP1/2 so you only have to remember around 3 numbers. Some people are on servers with 5 numbers.

    I was gonna be a smart-alec and find a picture of a cookie but decided against it.
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  8. I just realised your signature changed xD
  9. Hahaha! I changed it after the Radio thread
  10. Just SMP2 <3 :3
  11. Smp8 for me now..
  12. The information is there. It's just that most new players can't be bothered to read the Empire Guide to find it.
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  13. Just have to say this: it is for me. Among other things I have 'No all CAPS please' and 'Please don't spam [name]'. Call me sad but it's so handy just being able to hit a button.
  14. Not to mention, his res numbers are 4005, 4006, 4007. Not exactly difficult! xD

    I remember mine pretty easily, and other peoples, but I have a weird numbers thing. I'm good with numbers. I like numbers.
  15. I like numbers tOo because I don't have to remember peoples names
    Is such a mod accepted in EMC? I don't want to get banned again
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  16. Look: Moderator>common instinct.
    If ISMOOCH says so just say "ISMOOCH told me to" and you will get a free-pass.
  17. I can't think of any reason why a "hotkey chat" mod wouldn't be accepted. It doesn't do anything cheaty or hacky, it just lets you type certain boilerplate messages more quickly.