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  1. Its so difficult to have an original skin unless you have made it yourself... I am constantly changing my skin because of boredom or whatever, or I see the skin I am wearing elsewhere.. Being female, it makes me wish that there was a default female skin, but I know there isn't and the template to make your own kinda seems a little quirky.. So alas, I need to jump back on the minecraft skin dex because I just ran past someone wearing the female pirate skin I have been using.. t-t
  2. yea i know what you mean, but i haven't seen another Edward yet "cross fingers" lol
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  3. Mine is custom-made by myself, but it's not very original or anything, so it wouldn't surprise me if someone else had the exact same idea. :p
  4. I used the default Steve template and worked with it until I got the one I have now. It's supposed to look kinda like me IRL but because I get called He I put a flower in her hair. :/ Still get called He.
  5. you can see my skin to the left but it took me ages to find a dwarf that suits :D
  6. Hey well iunderstand how girls play minecraft and the majority are boys so i found out about this skin creator thing called skin craft its very useful and you should check it out because you can set premade stuff like choose hair and stuff so chec it out! it veryuseful
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  7. I personally use, because it was the first place I came across where you could kix and match. For example, take a white creeper and a suit, and combine them, then give him a purple tie and mess with some stuff.
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  8. i got my assassin creeper from that site. You see it in my avatar.

    EDIT: Not anymore :p
  9. It's, and along with it's much better than Skindex.
  10. Oops. Sorry, I sometimes get all my .com suffixes confused. :S
  11. I use a Jesus skin. Because that is just how awesome I am.
  12. I changed my skin to Ahri because I love trolling with her in League.. xD
    ..I also made a favorites list on Planetminecraft of ones to switch to..
  13. I've played around with different skins, but I went back to one of the first ones I ever had, and not only have I never seen anyone with it on, I have yet to meet someone who actually can identify what it is. In fact, Id say %95 of my skins Ive never seen on others. On the other hand, I can even count how many times Ive seen an Assassins Creed skin!
  14. Snozles I believe the skin you are using is the skin Phil from fyreuk ( great YouTube channel they do epic minecraft timelapses on massive buildings) I'm not saying that you can't use that skin I just wanted to tell you if you didn't know.
  15. Why did he need to know? Are there like copyrights on skins now or something?
  16. No I just thought he would like to know :)
  17. My skin is a king of the waffles skin :).. I found it on a site i forgot where :p I had been looking for a waffle skin for months so when I found it I jumped for joy and knew it was the skin for me :D. I think it might've been on skindex but idk.. I knew I wouldnt see many people with a waffle skin so I had to get it :)
  18. Mine is custom made by me :D
  19. I use nova skin, that is how I made my skin.