Player Online Status on Website Profiles

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  1. This would be useful if your buddies have profiles on the website. Basically, it'd be something on their profile that would either say "OFFLINE" or "ONLINE: SMP#" so you could tell if they were online from the website. It's a novel idea, so I won't be surprised if it gets rejected. I'm just a guy who likes novelties.
  2. I wouldn't do that since the server website has to refresh that players information.

    If this was implemented it wouldn't be accurate.
  3. It's already implemented. Under the community tab click servers, click an smp, click "show online players". But you are right I'm not sure how accurate it is.
  4. +1 Would be very useful for the amount of times I check. I hate having to sift through all 10 pages just to find out if they are on or not. Since it is already semi implemented on the community servers page, it shouldn't be too hard to draw the variable/function to the user profile pages.
  5. I suggested this to Aikar in a PM but didn't get a response, I'm thinking it was a no (Or just wasn't seen..)
  6. playing with it but not happy with output atm so will need to revisit later:

    for those with double titles it overflows.
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  7. I can't seem to view that link (gives me a 504 Gateway Timeout error), but nice to know you at least gave it a shot.