Player has SKIPPED the tutorial

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  1. Since /skip is sadly not leaving any time soon, I came up with this idea.

    Current message when they skip:
    Player has completed the Tutorial and joined the Empire!

    What I think it should say
    Player has skipped the Tutorial and joined the Empire!

    This is useful so we know who we expect to be asking 100 questions and who not to expect.
  2. Thought this was going to be something like an announcement, or a joke or something. Darn you lack of [SUGGESTION]
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  3. I agree. It says they have completed it even if they skip it..
  4. I am actually kind of tired of new players asking how to get plots and stuff im just like "why did you not actually do the tutorial for crying out loud I mean, you get free iron stuff!!!!" (I dont actually say dis, that is what I say to mahself ;))
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  5. I just force a smile and attempt to help them.
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