Player Disguises in the Empire? Your thoughts.

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  1. Ok, this is about mob disguises. About a week ago, I was at my residence when I saw a random creeper walking around. I panicked and attacked it. When it did not take damage, I boxed it in with cobblestone. Then it broke the stone, with a Pick. Then one of my friends private messaged me saying, "You mad bro?". I asked him what he meant, and the creeper turned into my friend. I asked him how he did it, and he told me about it. I tried it a few times myself, and it was pretty cool. But when I tried it last night, it did not work. I guess it was a part-time thing. But, enough from me. Tell me what you thought of it! Leave a comment below! Bye!
  2. It was removed due to snowman disguise since it plopped snow everywhere so basically greifage
  3. The snow was purely clientside, I think it was removed because it was only temporary
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  4. It was supposed to be a one time thing I thought. As a reward for the charity during the staff livestream.
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  5. correct SparerToaster, We may get this feature back on the 1st of april :) keep your eyes out
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  6. Aikar controlled every single option for that plugin. He only let us have access to the commands that were harmless (besides a small scare). If it was griefing, he would have denied access to the snowman. The only griefing that came from this plugin was the noise polution from the whiners who CONSTANTLY complained when a snowman showed up in their sight, even after mods told them to take move perms away or to just re-log -_-
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  7. how do u disguise?:(
  8. Well, you can't right now, but the command is /d [mobname]
  9. How do u disguise?
  10. -.-
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