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  1. Hi, today i want to make a thread about something that is almost an insult to everyone.

    As everyone already saw, most players use caps to bring attention to them, but that is not allowed at the empire servers.
    Some even insult with caps on, others say "something in caps" and then at the same line "sorry for caps"

    I have to ask to lower caps maybe 2-10 times every hour, because i don't accept this, i mean, is ok if it happens once but players normally do that again, and again, and again...

    Well here are some pictures you would love to see:

    Rage + Insult in two words:

    It isn't only the caps, or the wrong use of the english (wich i accept by the way) but is also that it's obviusly used to call the attention of the buyers:


    Same story...

    Cow's, cow's give milk...

    No, im not.

    Even an admin kicked/warned already.

    Now the solution:

    One could be getting more moderators :D


    Maybe this two could work...

    Thanks for reading.

    Hope this is solved.
  2. I hear you. It's totally about people trying to be louder than everyone else to get attention... which is why it's exactly like yelling in a room full of people in the real world... which is totally rude and socially dysfunctional in most cases.

    And I guess those who are desperate for attention and don't mind being rude pretty much take over the chat when there are no moderators around huh?

    Even if there are more moderators, there will still always be times when there are no moderators on a particular server. The Empire is huge! ...and only likely to get bigger.

    I can't say anything about installing server-side mods like you're suggesting, but I can tell you that using the /ignore <playername> chat command is an immediate solution to this problem on a personal level.

    Imagine what things would be like if everyone ignored those who were rude and annoying like this in the chat.
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  3. Thanks for the fast response, actually all this players have passed trough /ignore but it's not a great sollution when there are more than 10 per day, that is simply loosing time.
    I would love for Justin to see if it's posible to use one of those server-side plugins because its really needed.

  4. First of all, sry for necroing this thread, but I think its not to old and I didn't want to open a new thread when I found this one via searchbar.

    I don't quite get the caps part of the 5th commandment I think. It says

    "If you yell inappropriately that is considered spamming the chat."

    I appreciate the efforts of the admins and mods to repeatedly kicking and baning these all-caps guys. But I don't think, using a single word, or even 2-3 in a sentence every now and then, is inappropriate yelling. As long as they're not spamming every 2-3 minutes, but only posting every 30-60 minutes in the chat, I see no problem with it.

    For example:
    "I SELL WOOL IN EVERY!!! COLOR!!!" Is worth not only a kick, but a ban in my eyes. This is really annoying-.-

    "I sell wool in EVERY! color!!" Is not worthy of even a warning... This is standart advertising, as long as one doesn't go overboard with it, and write this every 10 minutes in the chat...

    I occasionaly see something along the lines of "Get out of my house, NOW!" and in less than 10 seconds the whole chat is flooded with "STOP THIS CAPS IS FORBIDDEN" (yes in caps :confused:), "dont use caps!", "no caps!", "reported!!!", etc...
    I don't get it! If I said to someone to leave a specific building on my res in a polite way, making use of my right (4th commandment), and he doesn't do as I ask, then what else should I do, than yelling at him to leave at once? This didn't happen to me personally, but I saw it more than just a few times, and I'm not the most active of players.

    What's buging me in these situations (someone using caps for 1 or 2 words in a normal sentence) isn't the yelling of a single player to advertise or getting the attention of someone. The guys that play sherrif are the real annoyance for me.

    All in all I want to ask. How exact should I understand the 5th commandment, or to be exact, the word "inappropriately" in the commandment. Is the usage of caps completely forbidden, or is the line between right and wrong just to thin, to be obvious.
  5. Aesri, I like what you said. Like for you. ;)
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  6. The idea of having a mod that would replace certain words or messages is entertaining.
    Yes, it would be nice if messages entirely in caps became lowercase.
    We could also have a mod that replaced certain words with others. For example, insults and swear words would be changed to [ponies] or [flowers]. Have a rude raging player? Hilarity ensues.

    It is indeed not a black and white issue. While I think your average advertisements like "selling CHEAP wool, come to res ###" are fine, things that are mostly caps should be considered spam. I let small amounts of caps lock slide by, if it's not obnoxious. It's mainly an issue of whether or not the player is constantly being an annoyance in chat.
    That being said, people who
    really bug me. Please, retype your message.
  7. I found a brilliant bukkit mod that replaces foul language with funny words as amadai said. :) I use it on a friends server. Although, of we couldn't use caps, I would feel terible not being able to correct people like ISmooch saying "no... i do not." to "No, I do not" :D
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  8. That would be awesome!
  9. I thought paco_taco15 was banned a few weeks ago for building a amusement park in jlopez24's res without permision from him, And he didn't listen to jlopez or a mod, and jlopez didnt get paid...
  10. I used to run a badword filter serverside on an IRC network I was net-admin on. And it was quite hilarious sometimes. And I think a chat mod to force lowercase on posts that were all or mostly caps would be nice, as long as it used an optimized regex (to minimize resource load) to match what was filtered, and was configurable to allow posts with, say, less than 10 capital letters in them through.

    The single post character limit is pretty small in MC chat, so unless someone is naming many people whose usernames are all caps in a single post, there's usually not enough room to form the several sentences it would require to go beyond that many uppercase letters, even if they use a single all caps word.
  11. I say just use your common-sense. If you happen to cross a line the mods might kick you for it, but you sound like a reasonable person, and the mods are also reasonable.

    People who play sherrif only have the power to annoy. Only the mods and admins can actually use punishments, and if people abuse the new reporting system, then they're going to be the ones in trouble. I would suggest either ignoring them or appeasing them in-order to shut them up. Don't bother trying to correct them or argue with them, it's a waste of time and energy and will digress quickly.
  12. Imagine yourself in a crowded room with a bunch of people. There are lego blocks everywhere. Some of you are focussing on building your own thing; others are focussed on building something with someone else or a group; and others are doing other things like walking around talking to people or offering or asking for certain types of lego pieces.

    Imagine everyone going about thier business calmly and respectfully, walking up to those they wish to talk to and using a moderate volume level to communicate with them. There is a consistent murmer and the occasional volume spike from an outburst of laughter or amazement/excitement about something. Everyone notices this and is distracted from thier business for a moment and then either goes to check it out or goes back to their business.

    Now imagine even one person going about their business as loudly as they can and in an attempt to get the attention of the entire room constantly. There is a consistently recurring volume spike that serves to distract everyone else in the room repeatedly. This is an annoyance to everyone. And if more than one or two people are doing this there is a consistent cacophony, conversation becomes nearly impossible without hollaring, and it's nearly impossible for anyone to focus on thier own thing without putting earplugs in (turning off the chat).

    This analogy serves to illustrate how our manner of typing affects the overall ambiance of a chat room as well as its usefulness as a communication tool.

    No, the use of capitals is not completely forbidden. Appropriate use of caps is to emphasize words or express high emotion. Volume spikes are acceptable now and then as things occur. But it's important for everyone to remember that we're in a crowded room FULL of people... people who are for sure not all interested in whatever might be getting us excited or what we are saying that we feel needs to be emphasized.

    The major problem we encounter here is that many people don't understand this, thinking the chat is thier own personal megaphone that they can say anything they want on in any way they like.

    Many people don't understand what constitutes appropriate use of capitals. And so capitals are abused all too often. As a result, we don't encourage even the appropriate use of capitals (those who don't understand will take that as meaning they can use capitals in any way they like).

    One major element to keep in mind here is that there is rarely a need to use capitals to emphasize anything, and excitement can just as easily be expressed in lower case. Use of capitals in these ways is actually completely unnecessary.

    So why do people feel the need to use them at all knowing they're usually more of a disruptive element than anything else in a chat room? Personally, I use capitals very rarely in the chat out of respect for others.

    ...I'm gonna use capitals right now to emphasize what I'm saying here: this is about RESPECT FOR OTHERS!

    Capitals in shop ads are not appropriate by the way. Shop ads, when unsolicited, are a form of spam themselves. They're disruptive too. Imagine people going around that crowded room constantly offering people different types of lego blocks. To those who are trying to focus on thier own thing, whether that's building something, chatting with someone, or whatever else, having someone come up and distract them with thier own interests in mind is usually unwelcome.

    But the critical mass of the population wants to be able to post unsolicited ads in the chat as one of the main forms of relating to others, so we've allowed them, but they have been limited to non-repetitive, non-emphasized sentences to minimize how annoying and disruptive they are (imagine people going around yelling, "selling BLUE SIX-PEG lego blocks", and, "Someone PLEASE BUY my LEGO BLOCKS", in the analogy above. Highly disruptive!).

    We're asking people to say their shop ads at regular volumes and in ways that are as minimally disruptive as possible. Trade should be a calm conversation rather than a yelling match/attention-getting comptition anyway.
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  13. Thanks to Dark_Liz, this thread is complete. No more discussion necessary.
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