[PlannedProject] Calling all Whovians!

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  1. What is a Whovian?... A Whovian is a fan of the amazing show: Doctor Who.

    Lately I have gotten into this wonderful show and figured why not make a planned project, yes we all know krysyyjane9191 has built wonderful Doctor Who creations on EMC on smp2, but what if there was a community residence designed for all Whovians to build Doctor Who creations...

    I plan to create my residence (I dont know which one yet...) into a full on Doctor Who fan museum! I plan to have all sorts of EMC players come make small scale art of Doctor Who stuff! Small scale Daleks, Weeping Angels, Oods, Sonic Devices, and lots of Wibbly-Wobbly Timey Wimey STUFF. I still have yet so plan this out but I want all Whovian input, do you thing this is a good idea? Will it be loads of fun for all?

    Please put your input because it may be what decides if I do this or not.
  2. This is... going to be fantastic. Marking for future uuuuuuusssseeeee!
  3. So...this is gonna be on a utopia res right? =P
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  4. It must be. If need be I can clear mine.
  5. Oh.. forgot about that, uh fluff if you dont mind clearing yours we can use it, I can help clear it if need be....otherwise I might be getting an alt soon.
    I need to open SP and design a layout this WILL take time. :p
  6. When you have a layout and if no one who already has a spare one comes forward I will clear it :)
  7. I shall get to work, this may take a few days...
  8. Let me know when you have got something :)
  9. \o3o/ wewt

  10. Bump with some moozic
  11. I should get around to watching this show.
  12. If you have netflix just search it up! :)
  13. image.jpg
    Great idea.
  14. Can I make a Tardis?
  15. well actually I have another plan I have been thinking of, I will come back to you on that...
  16. im low on build ideas.... anyone got a design in mind?