PineappleGem's Holiday Spirit

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What color?

Poll closed Dec 23, 2014.
Blue 2 vote(s) 10.0%
Light Blue 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Green 4 vote(s) 20.0%
Red 9 vote(s) 45.0%
White 2 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Hi EMC!

    Since I am not particularly rich but still want to give away something for the community, I'd like to give a renamed piece of wool for anyone who replies to this thread.

    It'll say something along the lines of "Happy Holidays from PineappleGem".

    I know it's not much but I really would like to spread the holiday cheer! :) You could display it in a item frame or something ... :D

    Please vote above for what color the wool I give away will be!

    ALSO: when replying, please add if you want me to /mail the piece of wool to you, or get an access chest (/v +pg on /smp7). Oh, and say one of your best memories on EMC this year! :p

    Edit: I will be giving the wool away on Dec. 25th.

    Edit 2: Changed colors in OP so that the important stuff stands out.

    Edit 3: Poll has CLOSED! So yeah, you really can't vote anymore.
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  2. Thanks PineappleGem! Although I won't be here for christmas so you could drop it in my donation box if you want to.
  3. Hi there AwesomeMath! Thanks for voting ... That's no problem, but what is your res #? (I could /mail too)

    Also you didn't answer:
  4. Ok uhh, I guess /mail will be good. :p also my best memory of EMC is all of my wonderful friends I have made on EMC. You know who you are. They have helped me when I lost my res . . . (not naming any names) they helped me when I was put down by others . . . (Also not naming any names) And we became PvP buddies! :D (DEFINITELY not naming any names for this one. :p) Sooooooooooo yeah thats all. :p Merry Christmas everyone! :D
  5. One of my best memories on EMC would be when I went back to a res and someone decorated for me for my birthday!. Ill have one and /mail will work cause ill forget to get it from the chest most likely:p
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  6. Thanks PineappleGem :) You seem like a nice person, Thanks for doing this ! :) Please /mail to me, I will be Very busy Christmas :(

    I am also willing to donate to the cost of /mailing to players :) If you are accepting donations, reply and I can see what I can do :)

    One of my favorite memories of this year, Giving away 3 DC's of promos in late August, early September :)
  7. @AwesomeMath - That's awesome! (lol:p) I haven't made too many great friends here yet, but I've met some pretty nice people.
    @L3A8 - Wow, that's so nice! :)
    @Bro_im_infinite - Thank you! For now I think I'll be good on rupees, unless I get a ton of people replying. But I vote daily so I should be OK. Thanks for offering, though. :D

    Thanks guys for voting. Red is in the lead.
  8. Hm... Could I have a red and a green, renamed "Christmas Ornament"? Thanks :)
  9. @Qwerty189 - Well, actually I was giving away the very specific item I described in the OP, but, sure I could also make you the ornaments as well. :p

    Note to all future readers: This is not a thread advertising me making you a custom named item. :D Thanks!
  10. Well, sorry about that >.>
  11. >.>
  12. Hehe :D if you could mail that beautiful spirit-y piece of wool to me, that'd be amazing :D
    My best memory is probably yesterday when I sold my diamond voucher and surpassed the 1 million rupee mark :D that's been my life goal

    Thanks amigo! This is really cool :p
  13. @cadenman2002 - Nice! I am jealous of your rupee amount ;). And BTW, amiga*:p
  14. It's always nice to see a player do this sort of thing.
    I would have to say that my favorite day on EMC this year was when I bought a Diamond Supporter Voucher for 350k and then got one in a drop party 5 minutes later.
    /mail please and have a Merry Christmas!
  15. @porphos - LOL, that's fantastic. Well, I suppose you have an extra voucher to sell or keep. :p
    Thank you!
  16. Merci Pineapple! You can just mail it to me. I think, one of my favourite moments on EMC was when I built a bio dome on 308 SMP1, and it had a little park and town and things like that. It was a place people could come and have a drink and just sit around. :D