"Pimped-Out Pyramid"

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  1. Hello, one and all. It is I, "King Professor DJ Detective Dr. Antinanco Jauregui, M.D, Esq. of OmeletteLand." Recently, my associate, "ScarTheNinja" and I have been working on a project in filming a YouTube video on Scar's channel titled: "The Burial of the King of Magicant." And our project has to do with building a set-- a pyramid in the sky, actually. This will be my burial place, with some awesome stuff, really. It will be semi-improvised, so y'all can come on over and see the place as we film. But that won't be until the Pyramid is done.

    SO, To separate this information into various parts, I will change colors (Don't ask.) Now-- although it is semi-improvised, I need actors. actors that will make this even as hilarious as can be. Cast positions will be listed at my res, res 537. There, you will submit a written book showing name, desired part, and why. If you'd like, bring a skin corresponding with your part. In the event you are not listed, and your book is missing (possibly stolen) feel free to re-submit information into this thread. Etc, etc, et cetera.

    Thank you for being such darlings in reading this post; once ScarTheNinja gives me building permissions (Oh yes. XD), I will post various, "Junk Chests" on the exterior of the pyramid for those willing to donate various items, such as Smooth Sandstone and stuffs. This will make things go much faster, thanks. XD Thank you so much, and I can't wait until we shoot the YouTube video in the later future!
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  2. Seriously, You made it at 1am?
    BTW what timezone u in?
    Come on now!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just Gave Ya Build
    Can you give me build at 537 so i can give people parts?
    Also moneymakerdotcom is the afterlife god
  3. I'm Pacific time, bro. :T
  4. Ah, when can you next come on?
  5. Beats me. e - e
  6. May I apply as actor?
  7. Sure
  8. Ok, what should I do now?