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  1. Hi, To apply for
    Fill in this:
    Time on EMC:
    Why you want THIS role:
    Why you want to be in the film:

    I will fill these in accordingly:

    Afterlife God: moneymakerdotcom
    Build team:ScarTheNinja, Antinanco_ness, Eolosti, (need 2 more)
    rabbit: ScarTheNinja
    Graphics Team: (need 10 Max)
    Director: (need 1)
    Advertiser: (As many as possible)

    The Pyramid is at 2410!
  2. IGN: Chascarrillo
    Time on EMC: 320 days
    Role: Actor?
    Why you want THIS role: ...I just want to do something.
    Why you want to be in the film: ...
  3. Ok your in just give me a minute to remember the roles.....
  4. D:

    You do realize this is semi-improvised, right? You really need to play your part, if you get one.
  5. I'll play it, don't worry.
  6. I don't think you understand-- roles as in "the ones posted on 537 on SMP1" just for funzies. Also-- I like legitamant reasons, please? / w \'''
  7. You just can't say that without knowing about him....?
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  8. IGN: Craziboy000
    Time on EMC: 70 days
    Role: Director
    Why you want THIS role: Well i did a film in school and i was the director, plus i've always really liked films as a form of artwork, me being an art student as well i prefer the movement of a video to the stillness of a picture... (a picture paints a thousand words, a film paints millions)
    Why you want to be in the film: I really want to help you make this look good. Plus it seems like a good idea, i went to see the roles etc. at smp1 and it looks to be really fun to do as well
  9. IGN: fluffinator09
    Time on EMC: 376
    Role: Director or Advertiser
    Why you want THIS role: (Director) i would like this job because I would like to gain a bit more experiance on the directing area before I sart filming my IRL short film. (Advertiser) I know a lot of people that would be happy to spread the word.
    Why you want to be in the film: The roles I ask for are notin the film, but I would like to be a part of this because it ounds like a new very cool idea.
  10. Nah, I think I don't want to do it anymore.
  11. Oh my-- I never expected people want to ask to be director. = v ='''

    As I may have said before, this is semi-improvised, and the whole purpose for the video is for an addition to ScarTheNinja's channel. As for the roles listed on 537, those are mostly just for show, and perhaps a bit more camera-time. If you have ideas on how we could make this pyramid look its best-- go for it! We'd be happy to hear your ideas. At anytime you would like to the the set's progress, check out Scar's res, Res 2410, and ask us what we should add, or get rid of. I will discuss with you if that would fill our requirements of humor, luxury, and drama. Thank you all for your interest!