Pigman wearing someones head O.o

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  1. I came across this pigman .. His face was 1/2 steve ... when he died he dropped someones head .. I am assuming he was wearing it? I have never seen it before .. :p Just thought id share ..

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  2. No its just a hybrid zombie pigman that is mixed with herobrine sent here by notch to vengeance on all those who h8 the EULA.
  3. once i ran into one with a full set armor and a player's head and a sharpness 5 looting 3 fire aspect 2 diamond sword. took a while to kill
  4. Grandma? Is that you?
  5. Cool.
    Also, I saw one holding a Diamond Sword.
  6. Did u kill it?
  7. No he went into the water for one of the teleports and then died ... that's when he dropped the head he was wearing
  8. Did you get the head?
  9. Yes it was Andytheboykin's head ... :D he confirmed a pigman killed him that morning lol