Piggeh's return.

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  1. So, I took a little vacation from Minecraft. Yea yea, I left without notice, I bet some of you didn't even know I was gone.

    Some crazy things happened, some will not be discussed. ;)

    But I missed every single one of you guys while I was gone, I missed Robbies cake, Bob's tomatos, Battmeghs battyness. I missed all the mods, all the admins. ( woo to JustinGuy and ICC ) :)

    But I can name a couple of the crazy events that happened. ( I went camping at Pirate Land along Myrtle Beach )

    I broke my pinkie toe. :(
    Kissed a girl. ( WIN )
    Almost drowned. Those stupid waves must have something against me.
    Rode my bike into a golf cart. ( yes it was parked ) :p
    Air conditioner broke, it was soo hot. ( over 105 Degrees )
    Our hammock broke while I was swinging in it. ( Cause of breaking pinkie toe )

    And a couple other things that weren't mentioned. All in all, I had an awesome time.

    Im back and ready to eat some Porckchops. :D
  2. Welcome back Piggeh! Porkchops!? CANNIBALISM!
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  3. My brothers and sisters will never know whats coming.... >:]
  4. I've noticed it's been rather quiet.
  5. Meh, I try not to talk as much nowadays...
  6. So you kissed a girl, now the waves hate you, and rode your bike into a golf cart!!! I am curious about the things not listed in here...
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  7. The girl broke the pinky toe kicking him after he kissed her. He ran into the golfcart trying to escape, tumbled over the cart and into the ocean.
  8. Nopes.
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  9. You forgot the part where she broke the hammock trying to get away.
  10. I was kissing the girl on the hammock. ( NO physical contact, im too young ) Then it fell. and I broke my pinkie toe. Happy now? -.-\

    We were sitting side by side, elbow to elbow.
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  11. Sure, thats what they all say and then we get the surveillance tapes. WB I never knew you left though..
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  12. Welcome back!
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  13. Welcome back mate,
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  14. Welcome back.
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  15. I broke my pinkie toe too! i rammed my right foot againt a door. Lol
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  16. 1. My brother's pinkie toe got blowned off in a war :(
    2. I remember my first kiss...;)
    3. Never did...
    4. lol!
    5. lol again!
    6.I did this but it was different... I was sleeping on the broken side when it snapped and I landed face-first on mud!
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  17. Actually, you did leave with notice.
  18. Oh I did? I guess I forgot. :confused:
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