Piggeh Men Farm

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  1. Heya EMC, just wanted to show you my Gold Farm - which i am making on EMC soon :)
    2013-02-15_23.20.09.png 2013-02-15_23.20.26.png 2013-02-15_23.20.52.png
  2. this looks HUGE!
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  3. Where You will do it?
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  4. Woah! Hold the phone!
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  5. Just two facts here:
    133 Double Chest OBSIDIAN 127,500 Nether Portals :)
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  6. portal system? but.. is it working on emc?
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  7. Two Questions. How much obsidian is that? Do you need any obsidian currently for the project?
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  8. Gray text eh? I'm guessing this will be on utopia?
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  9. Very nice, I been thinking about building one but being to busy/lazy to do it.
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  10. Somewhat the same yep - they dont work anymore :/?
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  11. Looks amazing :) I should be able to use it Haha
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  12. Same as that youtube link
    Im throwing up a video in a bit - so everyone can see it in action :p
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  13. What about the custom emc spawn rules? They might muck this up.
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  14. I've a fix for that.
    I setup a minecart system driving me around everywhere - which keeps everything active :)
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  15. Well lol, after calculating abit - this project runs in about 3 double chest Gold Ingots every hour
    But for completing it i need 7,6 Million Rupees XD
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  16. So you are waiting for a special new item in 1.5 aren't you ;)
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  17. Hawpers.
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  18. AAAW YEAH.jpg
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  19. I guess You have over that sum. You can Also ask for donations or make it a little smaller
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  20. 109263532.png
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