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  1. Whoop whoop! I have gotten Diamond Supporter! ( Yes this is a bloating thread, I just wanted to get the word out ) :p
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  2. Veeeery nice! :D
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  3. Im just so excited. Had two cans of Mtn Dew, large bag of cheetos and its midnight! WOO!
  4. What a great idea!
    I'm gonna get gold tomorrow! :D
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  5. Oh no......
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  7. =Pig can buy more diamonds from terry at 1004!! :D
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  8. dat soda!
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  9. Way to go Piggeh! (Sorry if I can't call you that. xD) It's fun isn't it? :p Almost exactly like Gold, but better! lol

    That made a whole lot of sense. :p
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  10. You can call me pig or xi.
  11. Looks at post
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  12. =pig can give me all his rupees! jk lol. Gotta love that mountain dew at midnight.
  13. I have my own time thank you very much. :)
  14. i basically have diamond and gold(soon) since my other account is gold and the other one will be on Friday :)

  15. random image i found
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  16. Just saying, a bit funny. My time is better btw.
  17. I would 1 up you but im not in the mood for it.
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  18. Welcome to the Diamond Supporter side. You will see things different now...

    You'll see light blue everywhere now :D

    Oh no! It happened already :p
  19. What do you mean? Is the text blue?
  20. Just saying but Diamond looks pretty good on you :p
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