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  1. Hey guys, I've seen people who when they post something, a picture appears along with it. Its just something that goes along with their names, maybe about something they like doing, but its not just a random picture. The same one appears every time for that person. If you know how to do it PLEASE reply. I am very frustrated at it. Thanks,
  2. I'm not sure? Can it include a picture?
  3. Let me see if I can do something real quick...
  4. Signatures can include pictures
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  5. I think it worked! Thank you sooooo much!
  6. It is working :)
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  7. Watch this video, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen
  8. OMG! fBuilderS, how did you get that where it said, 0/1000?!
  9. Off topic but, Aikar changed the permission code to log back on (accidently?) and typed it wrong and then the reboots came which put the new code into place. We then couldn't join the servers which had rebooted, we was then picked off 1 by 1 until the remaining where kicked off utopia. Dramanya then constantly messaged aikar about it who had his phone on mute, Aikar!, until aikar woke up and saw Dram's messages about EMC.
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  10. @Baseball: PLEASE do not use video in your signature. Every time you post, it'll appear, and is rather painful on slow connections or old computers, having to load a video object multiple times per thread.
    If you want to share a video through your signature, create an image and link to it, but again - PLEASE do not post it directly into your sig.
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