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  1. Heyo~ I'm not much of a talker soo.... xD
    You can call me "Pickles!" for short I guess. lol
    I Joined a few days ago and I enjoy the server a lot and there are a lot of nice people too :D
    This is like my very first multiplayer experience, and it seems scary when I try to chat with other people.. lol..
    I.. guess, thats about it. ><;

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  2. Welcome to the Empire Pickles. Nothing to be scared of around here. A great server and very friendly people. If you need any help just ask. You'll get use to it. Have fun. :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
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  4. Woot welcome! Hope you enjoy EMC!

    OMG, look at the advertisement that shows up right above my post box:

    :eek::D;) That's fantastic.

    Gotta love Google Ads. :p

    Anyyyyway, welcome!

  5. This is a great server to start then, because I've seen most people are very friendly on here, and the staff team is great! :)
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  6. Thank you a lots everyone! xD
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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