Pick the project you want!

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Which one do you want us to build?

Tenysu 22 vote(s) 84.6%
Lucky 38 4 vote(s) 15.4%

    Hi I'm Stads,
    my friend pleasebegetle is going to start a project soon and we were wondering what you the EMC community is looking for!
    please choose from the two projects, we will only build one!

    Tenysu: photo.JPG

    Lucky 38:
    (lucky 38 will be made of colored wool not diamond blocks!)
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  2. If you would like to please post which one you voted for and why, Thanks! :)
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  3. I do really like the diamond tower but... Its just too modern for me so I'd have to go for the what do you call it? ummm dojo:rolleyes:. Anyway the reason I like the Dojo so much is because I am very into ninjas,and in minecraft it just makes it a whole lot cooler:D. So this is what I want to say... BUILD THE DOJO, not to nag or anything.
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  4. Just a heads up, there's already a Lucky 38 at lot 9133 on SMP4.
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  5. Well it's looking like we're gonna be making the Tenysu anyways so looks like your gonna get your wish! :)
    Just have to wait like 2 more days to make sure!
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  6. Thanks this might help encourage my friend to want to build the Tenysu more:)
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  7. YAY!!:D I've always wanted to see one of those tenysu and on minecraft as I said it would be a whole lot COOLER.
    But ok the 2 days I can wait, and what you said in last post it does really help!:)
  8. I picked the Tenysu! That one looks like it's worth building!

    Good luck building it!
  9. Uuuuuuuuuu7
    Congraturlations we're building the Tenysu!!! :D
    Stop by 8988 to veiw the progress :)

    I am now working on the thread on the thread explaining the Tenysu project and setup of the donations system:)

    Please like these posts if your happy about the Tenysu being built, If you don't like the Tenysu being built please tell me why on this thread thanks! :)
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  10. Yes that's right resident number: 8988 on server: smp4.empireminecraft.com
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  11. YES! can't wait 'till its done:D.
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