pleasebegetle's Tenysu Project at 8988!

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  1. Tenysu being built at 8988!
    Doesn't it look great!?

    Please donate anything you can!
    Rupee donations can easily be made by going to resident 8988 on smp4 and buying the very expensive dirt, everything helps!
    We also need alot of items which can also be easily donated at 8988, those items are listed here:
    Pic,Item Name,Amount,ID
    Iron Door.png Iron Door,2,330
    Black Wool 3D.png Black Wool,24,35
    Fence 2D.png Fence,104,85
    Stone Doubleslab.png Stone Doubleslab,119,43
    Torch.png Torch,425,50
    Glass 3D.png Glass,512,20
    Wooden Slab 3D.png Wooden Slab,769,44
    Yellow Wool 3D.png Yellow Wool,1802,35
    Cobblestone 3D.png Cobblestone,2533,4
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  2. Pine Log 3D.png Pine Log,3022,17
    Wooden Stairs 2D.png Wooden Stairs,3140,53
    White Wool 3D.png White Wool,3236,35
    Stone 3D.png Stone,4952,1
    Wooden Plank 3D.png Wooden Plank,6665,5

    That's all the items we need...
    Thank you for reading and please like these post if you like this project!
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  3. Wow, awesome. I hope you post status pics while you are building it :)
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  4. Sure will do :)
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  5. Wow JustinGuy Posted here! LOL
  6. hmmmmm stads I might be able to russell up some black and yellow wool for you and even a few rupees!:D
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  7. Thanks!
    Please donate the rupees at 8988 by buying the expensive dirt...
    Hold onto the wool for the moment please because pleasebegetle and I both upgraded out Minecrafts and can't get on to get the items right now:(
  8. Ok I'll hold on to the wool and will get to work with the rupees well at least justin is now upgrading each server but with 1.2 I think you can now access smp 1.
  9. Yes I can access smp1,smp5,smp6 and Utopia unfortunantly I'm on smp4 and so is pleasebegetle:( I'll set up achest at 9088 as soon as I possably can:)
  10. stads aren't all the servers updated now so you can come on:). Anyway if they aren't hope you can get online soon.
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  11. Yes they are all updated I'm setting up donate chests now at 8988:)
  12. YAY! Great I'll go get the wool I think I already have some black:).
  13. Great work! If you ever for hire let me know got a couple of projects :)
  14. Ok will do but i have quite a few projects I need to finish: My clocktower, My Wool Factory, Ultra Spleef and finally the Tenysu! I have some other smaller tasks I have to do aswell like upgrading the lights in my whole plot garden!