Photoshoot with the one and only Jcplugs :D

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  1. Title says it all, Jc looking sexy as ever! 2013-03-28_23.58.25.png 2013-03-28_23.58.32.png 2013-03-29_00.00.14.png 2013-03-28_23.58.25.png ^Pose of a champion^ 2013-03-28_23.58.32.png ^The next great minecraft model^ 2013-03-29_00.00.14.png ^A wild Jcplugs has appeared!^ 2013-03-29_00.00.20.png ^Photo bombing my own photo?^ 2013-03-29_00.00.31.png ^scary :O^ 2013-03-29_00.01.28.png ^Looking off into the great 4005^ 2013-03-29_00.00.44.png ^Everyday I'm cuddling^
  2. *jealous*
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  3. This is too perfect xD