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    Greetings to everyone to sees this thread

    I've been doing a lot of photography here lately, ever since i got my camera. I've been practicing while working hard to achieve to be a expert photographer. Over the past few months, i have been noticing that i have no one to share these photos with.

    I have decided to make a Photography thread to share my creations with everyone here on EMC. It would be nice to show people how my work has improved over the months/years to come. I hate to see really good work to come out, but no one to share it with.

    I am making this thread to share my photos with a chance to inspire others with my work. I hope inspire and show that there is beauty everywhere.

    Nikon D3200 ( Dx format )
    AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm lens
    AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm lens

    I hope to encourage others to post on this thread, to help inspire others with photography. I hope everyone will have a good time and best of luck with everything.

    [ Note ] I hope to be posting frequent on this thread with new photos.

    Feel free to post and share all your creations once again!

    - Inuyasha1204 -

    These are just a few photos i have taken over the past few months. I hope you all like them. :)

    As usual, have a great time everyone.
    Feel free to rate, like, comment and follow me for more.

    - Inuyasha1204 -
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