PETA is at it again

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  1. Peta would complain if i pet my dog the wrong way
  2. You know what PETA stands for right?

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  4. Wow I thought ash was a ******bag right from the start :p

  5. To hell with PETA, I understand not to abuse animals, but let me eat whatever tasty animal I want.
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  6. Now seems like a good time for me to go get some venison :D
  7. lols to this ALL!
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  8. WTF... One question... Why? :p
  9. You know what came to my mind when Chickeneer said Peta is (people eating tasty animals) ... 'Chickeneer are you a cannibal then?' :p
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  10. Chickens are my best friends
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  11. I am all for treating animals well, but I hate PETA. Just like I'm all for gender-equality, but hate militant feminists. PETA always does this stupid, shocking crap, just to get attention...

  12. :O not the bunnies - I wuv my bunnies <3 :)
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