PETA getting their priorities right

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  1. I am a PETA member and I think this is absolute crap.
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  2. Wonder if PVP is on... MEAT you in the SlaughterHOUSE

    If their headquarters looks like that in real life, we know where the money is going.
  3. But we already have Hunger Games in Minecraft . . .
  4. I can see already the number of trolls/hackers/Tumblerist going be on there on day 1... or even first week. Also PETA "People Eating Tasty Animals" finger licking good hmmm.
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  5. The headquarters threw me off a bit. This honestly kind of angers me. I hope this is not a start of people getting butthurt about killing animals in game. I really hope that this does not turn into a food related gamergate, and at least that wad of some probably cause.
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  6. whoever built is good builder
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  7. PETAcraft will be instantly ddossed, full of spammers, hackers, and +more bad stuff. Honestly, this was the worst idea ever. XD

    I generally do not like PETA because of its extremist projects and goals.
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  8. First day, a hacker comes in. /butcher 500000.
  9. Welcome to EMC!
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  10. I wonder what their stance is on Zombies and Rotten Flesh.
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