Pet Shop?

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  1. Gwormn and I(Has98) were thinking one day that it would be awesome to find a town pet shop.
    There dogs would be sold for a good amount of rupees. You would also be able to by supplies like bones and rotten flesh there. I know this is a short post, but i had to get the idea out.

    Can you resist that minecraft doggy face???????
    I mean seriously,think about how happy everyone would be about having a dog.
    You would be limited to like five dogs or some number around that.
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  2. One of the things I am researching is the ability to purchase animals in your lot with the /purchase system :)
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  3. I already have one. :)
    But I like the idea!
  4. That is a pretty good idea being able to buy animals in your lot…
  5. Yes that would be a good idea, but what about a community pet shop?
  6. Thanks you!
  7. I like the wolves, too. Being able to obtain one in the town would be nice, since I already have two in the wilderness.
  8. I found a wolf last night after killing a skelly and just so happened to have a bone on me... I have never tried to tame a wolf before, so I didn't think anything would happen, but when I fed him the bone he showed hearts and had on a red collar. Then he would sit if I clicked on him and followed me around. :)
    But, when I went back to town he was gone. I noticed like 20 or more wolves are at the spawn point in the wilderness, so I am just wondering if they are stuck there or what? When I went back, I couldn't tell which wolf was mine or anything, and none of them followed me. I remembered reading this thread so I thought I'd just ask here... anyone know how the wolf stuff works? Are all those poor dogs stuck in the spawn house forever? I like the idea of the petshop in town too... would be cool to be able to buy a pig/sheep/dog for the house... er, um - pyramid. :)
  9. Yeah the animals can't follow you into other worlds :(, that is a limitation on the game. We are going to be adding animals to the /purchase system soon (it is one of the things I have been working on).
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  10. After that, would it be at all possible to protect animals spawned under a certain lot from:
    1. Leaving said lot
    2. Being Killed by people without _____ permissions
  11. This is good new you will be able to purchase dogs
  12. I won't be able to keep animals from leaving a residence, but I am adding that they can't be killed in a res unless you have the build flag.
  13. i think it would be a great idea, like when you buy them they spawn in ur lot, and they cant leave or be used or killed by other players. maybe have chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, dogs, and maybe even a friendly creeper? that would be funny... but i like the idea. a lot.
  14. Creepers only want hugs, but they have no arms..

    This makes them angry...
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  15. Justin, do you know if animals die naturally? Because I left my sheep in their "house" then the next day they were dead :?
  16. It is possible someone slaughtered them. I am not sure if they still die naturally, we will be able to tell once I release the patch to keep random players from killing your animals.
  17. Oh ok, hmm :/. Looking forward to those updates ;)
  18. I think having a pet shop is a great idea!!