Permaban for Greifing - not always deserved

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Stinkarella, Mar 16, 2014.

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  1. I've been permabanned for griefing by NZScruffy and, although guilty as charged, don't feel a permaban is the answer in my case but can't figure out how to appeal or even just contact NZScruffy.

    I am relatively new to minecraft but I have played other games on the internet and the wild zones are alway anything goes in those other games.

    Also I didn't destroy somebodies build simply to hurt them, I took some items that I wasn't able to get on my own yet thinking that if I didn't then somebody else would. Like finding $10 in the street, you know it belongs to somebody else but what do you do about it? very few people would leave it there.

    I've looked into this griefing thing on youtube and read some forum posts by victims and now realize how messed up people are and why the mods would take this instant action.

    I'm really sorry for what I did. I've only played on this server a couple of days so a perm-ban isn't exactly a huge loss to me, I'm saying this because I think an apology is the right thing to do. And frankly I am happy to find out that this is enforceable, as I puzzled through this game and read about things like sorters and mine carts I wondered why in the world anybody would build infrastructure if its just going to get destroyed.

    If given a second chance on this server I promise I will be one of the people building it up.
  2. Lol To be honest, "Finders keepers, losers weepers" is not tolerated here. If you take something from someone else's chest with the mentality that you say that someone else was going to do it, then I would of been robbed at least 1000 times already in the wild. Everything is obtainable in EMC, it just takes time. So if you see something you don't have yet such a beacon; Leave it there. Go to the nether and kill a few hundred wither skeletons for some skulls.. Hard work has its rewards. Stealing/theft/Greifing has its punishments. I am not one to go off on someone but if you wish to appeal in the correct way, go to NZScruffy's profile and start a conversation with him to appeal.
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  3. This might be of some help.
    The rules state you should contact the moderator who banned you (which is done through Private Conversation on the site), but the first link should help you out as well.

    As for your actions, "stealing" is in fact considered an offense on EMC, and you'd probably do well to read up on the rules, as you'll find that the Empire is generally pretty active when it comes to enforcing them. :)
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  4. You can appeal by searching NZScruffy's profile on here and starting a convo with him explaining why you think you shouldn't be permbanned. Also you should read the rules if you do get unbanned by doing /tutorial or /rules
  5. I can't figure out how to "go to" a profile, can you tell me?
  6. You can private message Scruffy by clicking here and explain to him what you did wrong. Also the forums are not the place to put appeals. Just remember if you get unbanned and you do it again, you dont get a 3rd chance :)
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  7. nvm, thanks, I just figured it out
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