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Yes 4 vote(s) 57.1%
No 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Think with me for a moment, what are some perks in the empire? The most common are the Supporter Perks you get by donating. Then there is the new upcoming Community Perks. So I was reading the thread Morale for the Empire. I read qwerty's post about credits and such. Then for some reason I thought about MW3 Specialist Killstreak Perks. I thought to my self then: We oughta have a system like that. I like qwerty's idea for voting and getting credits so 1 vote = 10 credits. There may be other ways to earn credits but my brain is partially fried. So let me give examples for some voters perks.

    Get 50 extra credits a day for 3 days
    Costs 50 credits

    Run faster for 2 hours
    Costs 80 credits

    Talk in supporter chat for a day
    Costs 200 credits


    And there will be a way to lose your credits for disobeying the rules and mods. Examples:

    Get kicked
    Lose 10 credits

    Get 30 min - 2 hour ban
    Lose 30 credits

    Get 2 hour - 1 day ban
    Lose 100 credits

    And obviously permanent bans lose all. The credits also go into negatives when you do too much time in the ban hammer room. There will be a command called /credit balance that let's you see your balance. It just came off my head so get the hand and slap me if it's a bad idea.

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  2. Great idea!
    You could also earn somewhere around 2 or 5 credits a day in addition to the 100r daily rupee bonus.
  3. You could also earn credits for forum likes and trophy points
  4. I'm assuming Qwertyzzz18?
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  5. Yes.

    Hmm. Maybe. I don't know. That would kind of take away the "legit" community EMC is.
  6. I would like to see a perk of town chat in wild.