Periodic Reset Area... Periodically Reset?!

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  1. I suggest that the periodic reset area be reset once a month or maybe once every two or three months. Is there no automatic way to do it? Oh, and I also suggest we extend the periodic reset area out to 500 blocks. Yes, resetting that much of an area will cause a large chunk of lag, but if we only do it once every three months I think it would be worth the trouble. Sorry if my suggestion sounds ignorant, I don't know much about the process.
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  2. We already have plans on how to automate it.. its just on the todo list.

    we've been manually repairing servers as we see them in horrible states for now.

    As for extending it... Potentially a good idea.. but would need to give warning to some players since some are on he edge.
  3. How big is this 'todo' list?
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  4. He had to upgrade his google skydrive to premium because the 10gb of storage wasn't enough - Put it that way.
  5. You mean his Google drive, or his skydrive? I'm confused :confused:
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  6. He used both of them! :p
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  7. :eek:
  8. 2015
  9. Add that in valve time, so you'll be done in about 250 years?
  10. when is the next smp7 wild reset it is getting into a horrible state
  11. .. you mean like, the year? or the number of items on the list... :eek:
  12. Number of items on the list.
    I know since "Thestar19s Android app" is number 2000 :)
  13. Wow Aikar, wow. Yeah, people are definitely going to need a warning. 500 blocks is well within the griefing range, but some people (me included) have underground pathways that go right up to the periodic reset area. ^_^

    EDIT: If there is anything I can do to help with this list let me know, but I know I am probably useless since I don't know anything about coding or scripting.
  14. FTR we do have the system setup to reset them... its just that its very ineffecient. and lags the server out for 20 minutes so we havent been doing it. The manual strategy is a bit friendlier.

    But I have some ideas on how to progressivly do it where it handles itself on a per chunk basis (so not full entire resets that people can then abuse to go get all the diamonds...)
  15. I want to see this TODO list :p Mostly curious.

    As for resetting, this is how I would approach it:
    1) Define sub-areas within the reset region. ~100.
    2) Create a function to reset each area.
    3) Every night while the server restarts, a random subarea can be reset.
  16. 1. Dragon Tombs.
    2. Ban Rule breakers.
    3. Teach Max to code.
    4. Decide between ordering Pizza or Chicken again.
    5. Ruin the economy.
    6. Blow up more trains on FTB.
    7. Break vault.
    8. Fix vault.
    9. Push forward wrong code/plugin.
    10. Fix wrong code/plugin.
    11. Find time to reset PRA.
    11. Repeat steps 2-10 infinite amount of times. Especially #5.
  17. The break vault/fix vault is what got me. Now lets take a gander at ICC's to do list.
    1. World edit staff map and blow things up
    2. Build TNT structure on someone's res and blow it up
    3. Place TNT to blow something up
    4. Take a nap
    5. Make a post on the forums about being a cow
    6. Finally blow up TNT
    7. Place Maxiaras in a glass box
    8. Sit on diamond throne next to Maxiaras
    9. AFK
    10. Do something important

    Now lets look at Smooch's to do list:
    1. Play EMC for 36 hours straight
    2. Get tea
    3. Fall asleep at keyboard mid afternoon
    4. Repeat

    Now Maxiaras's turn:
    1. Host arena game
    2. Get placed in glass box at spawn while we feed her lava

    •These posts were made for humor, I do not really mean it
  18. But seriously, it would be awesome if the list were live and the community could like or dislike items, to help prioritize them so the staff know where to focus their time.
  19. Community feedback does not dictate order of development. It only influences me to change my mind on what to work on.

    But the list has been public for months:

    Some things are private though and a surprise.
  20. A ssssmall correction to your post...
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