Percy Jackson!(:

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  1. If you like/liked Percy Jackson, then this is the thread for you!

    I love Percy Jackson! That all I read! So tell me the book you like, and why...

    I look forward to chatting with you all about Percy Jackson!

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  2. All 3 series by Rick <3 reading Mark Of Athena atm
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  3. I didn't like the movie…didn't follow any of the book. Kicks of the franchise with a terrible start. The new series is pretty good. Could use some more humor like the first Percy Jackson series, but hey, I'm satisfied.
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  4. It's a good series. His Egyptian and Roman/Greek ones are also pretty good. I want the Sea of Monsters movie to come out though. RAGE.
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  5. But…but…but they already messed up the first book! How could they continue?! :eek:
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  6. Yeah they were completely off with the story, but eh. I still like the visual aspect.
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  7. Percy Jackson is an AWESOME series! If youve finished the whole series and seen the movie (sheesh, I sound like a nerd) like I have, check out some other books by Rick Riordan. Like the Kane Kronicles. Im currently reading book one.
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  8. I'll stick to the books. Almost done with all of Rick's books.
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  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to buy that book right now!!! I love the 2 series!!!
  10. I finished mark of Athena the day it came out...
  11. I'm pretty sure just because you read a whole series and seen the movie doesn't make you a nerd more than you playing Minecraft and jumping on the dragon egg signature bandwagon. But seriously, the movie was terrible imo
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  12. Has anyone read the 39 clues? Some of them are Rick's, and there good :D

    Just gotta read mark of Athena, then ill have read me all!
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  13. I loveeee the 39 clues!!!!!!!!!!

    Mee too!!! I just have 2 buy mark of Athena
  14. I can tell you what happens

    They eat food
    The End
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  15. lol. My brother reads these books like crazy. Most of them multiple times. I have read All of the Percy Jackson series minus Mark of Athena, which my brother read the night before it came out (shhh.) and said it was a good read. Just have not had the time to read it :p.

    Its a good read, I normally do not enjoy Teen books, but they flow nicely, and have good character development. And fit nicely into that empty hole for the Harry Potter generation.
  16. I be loving reading, (I have read the Harry Potter 8 times xD) and Percy Jackson is one of my favs. Mainly due to the reason that I LOVE Greek mythology, ever since I started playing the game Age of Mythology with coffee. I wasn't as happy with the Egyptian one, but all of them so far are really good. Haven't read the new Athena one though. :)
  17. Haha same as me with Harry Potter!
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  18. 39 clues is decent
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  19. I like the movie, and I didnt know where was books :p (I dont read anyways)
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  20. I like Rick Riordan's books so much that i have read almost all of his books.
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