Pen's weekly rant.

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  1. Thought this might be fun. Have a weekly rant about a topic, then lock the thread and have a new topic/rant. And by these rants, I hope I don't insult anyone. If I did, you have my sincere apology.
    Politics are ridiculous. And by politics, I mean the WORLD politics. First stop, North Korea.

    You've literally got to be kidding me. NO ONE knows what goes on in there. The government reports bunch of info. No one can prove it is false because no one can enter! Bad realationships with other countries, don't you think? The government needs to be more open.

    More Communism…the government is greedy. China also wants to officialize control over Taiwan, a separate nation that the rest of the world recognizes except China. China is expanding their influence. The government is becoming much more powerful.

    Russia: Putin. That guy can't let go of power, can he? Russia may be democratic, but really there is only one guy in charge. Corruption! Protests and stuff too.

    Germany: Meh. Parliment. Won't help European debt. Strange decisions they make. Remember, this is my opinion. Post your own below.

    Greece: Glad to the government stabilizing the situation over there.

    France: Bit of a odd turn in their politics. Change of parties and all. Crazy stuff.

    England: Ah. More Parliment. Pretty decent by my standards. No major corruption as far as I can see.

    USA: *facepalm* Romney vs Obama commercial after commercial. It's getting to a point where I think the debt is because of their commercial spending money. :p The brawl is getting exhausted and most of the US is tired of this.

    /end rant
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  2. *facepalm*
    Always posts threads at the wrong time…
  3. Yes.

    Words cannot describe it better than "Yes."
  4. Have u noticed the " voting cups" at 7-11?
  5. Agreed

    My cat acts like she's starving yet has a bowl full of food.

    I hate when comments give spoilers to things I'm watching/playing. I almost stopped watching The Office last night thanks to a comment I saw.

    I hate that my emotions are so out of whack. I am having to catch up on The Office because I didn't get into it til recently. I just got to the episode where Jim and Pam have their first baby and I bawled my eyes out and forced myself to work out because I want a baby and was hoping all the weight I need to lose would just magically fall off.

    I just spent two hours on Song Pop on Facebook with my sister. We're addicted. But it would be nice to hear something besides Eye of The Tiger and Billie Jean every round.
  6. Wow. If the North Korean government are on here you are in BIG trouble. lol.
  7. If the North Korean government was on here, this site would have been seized by the FBI already. :p
  8. I don't think the North Korean government like to stalk random people on empire minecraft.
  9. But maybe they are...
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  10. You never know......
  11. Maybe Who knows
    Your only trying to draw suspision away!
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  12. All right! I admit it! I'm from the Korean government here to stalk random people on Empire Minecraft!
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  13. Koreans don't really like China…:confused:
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  14. Nope, alot of corruption. We have alot of idiots in Parliment thinking they can fix the economy. It's just in planning stage at the mo', but they've tried before and it didn't end well. And our MP, David Fatwack Cameron, thinks that he is the best man in the world. He should also have his children taken off him, he forgot one a train and said it was an accident.

    I'd rather just go communist, or go without an MP at all.
  15. Wow. Ok…clearly this is needs to be more public. I had no idea…:confused:
  16. and the Chinese don't really like the Japanese, now do they?
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  17. Well, since (I assume) you, as well as I live in America, we aren't very involved in World Politics. Many other countries are actually reliant on America, or they used to. My knowledge on world politics is rusty...
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  18. Lol, they don't even like SOUTH KOREA. That's how stubborn, un-humorous and annoying they all are. They think their technology is so fantastic, but it falls down from the sky 3 minutes after they launch it.
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  19. No one would be surprised if I told you all that North Korea was trying to dig a tunnel under the border into South Korea, and when they were found, they claimed it was a coal mine and painted some of the walls black. Because that actually happened.
  20. Hm. I mostly piled what I knew into a rant. Kinda what every week will have.
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