Pen's Weekly Rant #7

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  1. Well. It's about time to come out of retirement.
    So, a rant on creativity

    Well, my fellow Empirians/Imperials/Empire mates, I think creativity is an extremely important thing.

    Seeing that I kinda lost all of my creative thinking due to hardly having time to think freely about random stuff like dinosaurs beating up shark-powered stormtroopers on a shooting star deep beneath the ocean, I've decided that we as humans need creativity to continue moving forward.

    Let's look at the 20th Century. Lots of stuff happened. Cars, wars, TVs, rock and roll, toasters, computers, the Internet, space pens, rockets, sliced bread, etc. Why? Because all of these people knew they wanted something unique. So they used their creativity to come up with these things.

    The problem I find the world in today is that we're not teaching kids to think outside the box. As far as I know, education has standard procedures that does not work for every student. Education may promote creavitiy, but it doesn't teach it well enough. Schools need more rainbow shooting jackrabbits anyways; it's for their own good. (Note: Rainbow shooting jackrabbits are not affiliated with Pen F, the black market, Jack or Leprechauns)

    As for the world…(we should drown it in creativity!)[shut up, you're wrong, left hand](you shut up, right hand) we could really use some creative answers right now. With the serious situations of food shortage, water shortage, pollution, bees dying, a fresh and new instead of repetitive COD game :p, running out of land, and the not so serious situations like a good new Apple product, aliens, sliced bread, creativity is what we need.
    Now go out there, and save that whale with a Minotaur's horn from the tetherball queen.

    -Pen F
    A much more humorous one will come out next week. Might as well make a rant about something serious for once.
  2. Ummmm......
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  3. Yeah, yeah. Green is not a creative color.
    Fun fact: (this fact is not fun) I read somewhere that that video is made to tell people media is destroying children's creativity by forcing them to think a certain way, hence the "green is not a creative color"
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  4. I didn't see you did a new weekly rant!
  5. Hey i have read about this somewhere i cannot remember..... anyway this inspired me pen... thanks.
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  6. image.jpg
    The national animal of Scotland is...
    The unicorn.
    I agree.
    Only thing we've done so far, really, is possibly discover dark matter in space me bigger guns that make bigger boom boom
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  7. :] Love the rant, thanks pen :p
    EDIT: At least I made the thread for it cordial >.< :p
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  8. Yes. Just Yes.
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