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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Jeanzl2000, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. So I decided to try to do this.

    The Auction Will start at 1r. You may only raise your bid by 1r But... For Every bid you make you have to pay "Jeanzl" 50r. Once you bid and pay Jeanzl 50r I'll Reply to your bid saying whether it's valid or not. The Auction ends 36 Hours after the last valid bid.

    So this is an example:

    bob: Bids 1r (Bob sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    jack: Bids 2r (Jack sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    John: Bids 3r (John sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    Greg: Bids 4r (Greg sends 50r to Jeanzl)

    So then Greg pays Jeanzl 4r plus the Bidding fees which is 50r which comes to a total of 54.

    Heres another example:

    John: Bids 1r (John Sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    Greg: Bids 2r (Greg Sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    John: Bids 3r (John Sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    Bob: Bids 4r (Bob Sends 50r to Jeanzl)
    John: Bids 5r (John sends 50r to Jeanzl)

    John Wins the auction.

    John Pays me the 5r he bid + the bidding fees which he bid 3 times so thats 150r so in total he pays Jeanzl 155r.

    Please do not send money to This account, Send it to Jeanzl
  2. Just so you know even if you don't win the auction you still have to pay your Bidding fees
  3. Waiting for the 50r to arrive
  4. Thank you for paying your 50r bidding fee, your bid is valid
  5. I have to do this, sounds fun!
  6. Is this a Valid way for auction?
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  7. Most stupid thing in the world.... me gusta..... 4r
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  8. payed
  9. Is this legit...
  10. wait nvm! i didn't see the 50r thing
  11. Sorry, this is not a valid way to do an auction. Please ask a moderator before doing things that aren't in the rules. Jeanzl, please refund those who paid you for bids.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.