Pebble Wrist Watch

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Do you think it is a good idea?

Yey 6 vote(s) 66.7%
Neigh 3 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. I'm very much considering purchasing this smartwatch, it would connect to my iPhone, and will link with future iPhone models. I was wondering what the community thought about it? Share your opinions below, thanks! :)
  2. The apple iWatch is coming out soon, but if you do not want to wait, I agree that the pebble is the best option.
  3. I doubt it'll be waterproof.
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  4. It most likely won't be wallet friendly either. :p
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  5. there is another type that i saw the other day while out and about let me look up the name though. it looks really nice and it is not as expensive as pebble but still shows text messages/emails etc etc and comes in black/white/red
  6. it is the martian smartwatch works for iphones/ipods and all that. costs $100 though may not be waterproof and all that though
  7. I personally wouldn't invest in a smartwatch anytime soon because of the limited functionality, the only reason I see in buying one is for the bragging rights.
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  8. I think smartwatches are awesome, but I am waiting for the prices to drop significantly. there are much better things $200 can buy. I see them as being very functional and having tons of potential. I say wait a little bit and see what gets announced. With fall coming, the bug buying season will begin. that is when the cool things happen.
  9. It's very expensive...
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  10. As a cheap person, I say to not buy it,but since mostly of you guise in like in the middle high to high class, you maybe have monies to BURN!!!
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  11. Nothing's wrong with bragging rights! :)

    While it is very expensive, I wouldn't really have to worry about getting it wet when on the boat or such, doesn't mean I'd go diving with it.

    Hmm, I'll check it out, thanks! :)

    I might end up purchasing a pebble, but, I'm going to look around.
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  12. Hm... I'm not sure if I would really like this. I think it would be a little too much for me.