(Pc) WHAT IS THIS??!??!

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  1. Uhmm i have a cupids bow that is like the new cupid bow (has infinity soulbound unbreakable final) but strangely also has unbreakung 3 you can veiw it on my res promo chest but i wanan price like ehat is this lol xD
  2. I think the old cupid bows had the unbreaking III enchant. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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  3. It does, but Aikar released an update that when fired, it would have Infinity and Unbreakable instead. This bow has Unbreaking III, Infinity, and Unbreakable. He (and I, because he got me interested xD) are wanting to know how many others of this bow exist?
  4. This was the version of the bow that you got if you fired it right after the very first update. Aikar later realized that both Unb 3 and Unbreakable would be redundant so he removed the unb 3 in the very last version. I have a few of these bows myself :)
  5. Lol can i see pics just to make sure they da same
  6. /v dufne@cj, bottom right chest. They're in the first row of bows you see
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  7. Wow cool if ya had to guess the pricw whatsd it be
  8. No more than 15k, what a regular cupid bow would go for
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  9. Id say more cuz its a glitch but k
  10. It's not a glitch though :p they're fairly common
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  11. So how i get?
  12. Dufne already answered that in my opinion.
    The bows changed into that one at first, but then got changed into just infinity. So the only way to get this is buying.
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  13. So it should cost more cuz theyre inobtainable yes?
  14. they are inobtainable, but they are still common
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  15. Being unobtainable is only one factor to price, like Dufne said above the rarity of these items is low, making the price around the same as the normal cupid bows, If these were as rare as let's say, the 2013 birthday cakes then they would be worth a lot more money.
  16. So basically i hold onto it and wait fornsome of thenowners of these bows to shoot them or somethignso i get moar money for it being rarer?
  17. That's going to take years to even rise in price a little bit. Wait if you'd like
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  18. It is unbreakable and soulbound, the only way these will disappear is through derelict loss and potentially chest confusion.
  19. Or Chin breaking stuff.