PC Upgrade time! - What do you recommend?

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AMD! 2 vote(s) 18.2%
NVIDIA! 9 vote(s) 81.8%
  1. Greetings folks,

    I've been thinking about upgrading my PC for a while now. I'm currently rocking a Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z87 gaming motherboard with crossfire AMD Sapphire 7870 HD's (one of which is an OC).

    I want to upgrade my graphic cards to NVIDIA GTX .... but I have no idea which one to choose.

    Which card would you recommend? It must be better than my crossfire set up is right now. Must be able to go with the flow for the comming years. Must be a good price/quality.

    Lemme hear it :D

  2. Just so you know, by time this thread is finished, you will be convinced that you need also to change:
    • your CPU
    • Harddrive
    • Motherboard
    • Computer Case
    • and add More Fans
    • You may also never actually change your graphics cards, because everyone will tell you that "this other thing needs to be changed"
    So basically, you will have to replace your entire computer :p
    I am slightly kidding, but generally this is where these types of threads go, because its your money people are spending when making suggestions :D

    I would suggest, however, to add what your budget is, if you have one. That is a big factor in determining what graphics card you get.
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  3. yeah gives us your whole computer stats, processor, mobo, and such so we can recommend. and budget :p
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  4. Mobo: GIGABYTE G1 Sniper G87 1150 Gaming motherboard
    Processor: Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell
    Power: 1000watt
    RAM: 8 GB Corsair Vengeance + 4 GB older PC RAM
    Graphics: AMD SAPPHIRE HD 7870 and AMD SAPPHIRE HD 7870 OC in crossfire

    All boxed in a nice xPredator X3 :p (devil red)

    Budget around 300 Euro's
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  5. I can't really compare a GTX card to anything amd because I've never really used or looked into amd cards so take that in mind when I suggest.

    My suggestion for 300 euro price range is the nvidia gtx 760 or similar version. I got mine about a year ago and it was the equivalent of 282 euros. In the future I plan on having dual 760's but that's a while off yet because the card runs very smoothly and runs games on some of the highest video settings available. I don't know if this card is still at the same price because I haven't researched cards in a significant while so this is based off of my research from about a year ago. Hope it helps :)
  6. Probably the most important question, at what resolution do you play? (I'm Dutch too so I can probably help you :))
  7. A friend of mine told me the 970 was the way to go. what are your thoughts on that one?

    1900x1080 :p
  8. I think you mean 1920x1080, but I get the point. ;)

    You could get a GTX 970 indeed, but I'm not sure weather that would be worth it really. I don't think the little FPS improvements would be worth 320 euros for a GTX 970.

    HD 7870 = R9 270
    R9 270 CFX vs R9 290 http://www.ocaholic.ch/modules/smartsection/item.php?page=9&itemid=1359
    R9 290 vs GTX 970 http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/EVGA/GTX_970_SC_ACX_Cooler/9.html

    By the way, the rest of your system is fine. :)
  9. So you're saying that the GTX 970 is equal in power to my Sapphire 7870 crossfires?

    I'm switching from AMD to NVIDIA :p
  10. No not equal, it give a little improvement, I can't deny that :)

    But I'm not sure if that little improvement is worth spending 320 euros on. You've already got quite a beastly pc :)
  11. 3.5 something something *cough* ; )
    I think a 290 would be the way to go, as they are around 300 in the Netherlands, but coming from 7870 CF wouldn't really help you that much, only in games that don't support CF. If you really want a great upgrade you should invest a little more than 300.
  12. The thing is, the crossfire isn't all that much better hahaha. My games still dont run a steady 60 FPS (my internet is a little suckish).

    Assassins Creed: Unity went bad on CF, loads of fixes later it still doesnt work a 100%
    FarCry4: Massive flickering whilst using CF.

    CF has more downsides than upsides :p I'm looking for a card thats somewhat affordable and a good replacement for CF 7870's
  13. Hmm, give me some time to think about this. Will reply soon.
    Would you be willing to spend a little more than 300 euros? And would you be willing to buy second hand? (I've bought my GTX 680 from Marktplaats, went fine. Also bought more from Marktplaats, like a motherboard, went fine too - would recommend).
  14. I can spend more, second hand no problemo
  15. The 970 is very good, but there is no substantial difference in comparison to the price. For value, the 760 is better but if you have the budget go for the 970.
  16. There is no benefit in upgrading to anything Nvidia right now unless you are considering the 980ti, which is far outside your budget.

    gtx 960 is a flop. gtx 970 is ok, but it can't do acceptable ultra in many current games. AMD has also just released a new memory design (High Bandwidth Memory), which is going to prove extremely important in the years to come. While at your resolution, loads of video memory is not all that important, with the prices of 4k and 2k monitors dropping, you may eventually need loads of video memory.:p

    I would wait until next generation Nvidia before considering upgrading. That is what I am doing.
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  17. Try looking into the new AMD R9 300 Series if you can't decide.
  18. This.
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