PC Problem! Help!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by UltiPig, May 19, 2014.

  1. EDIT: This issue has been resolved. It was a Java issue.

    I finished building my custom gaming PC on October 1st, 2011. I have had no problems up until now.

    I have been getting random blue screens and I don't know why (It says harddisk problem or something when it shows up. It doesn't last long enough for me to read the rest of it.) and my computer shuts down for no reason sometimes. Before you post anything, I already fixed this problem.

    Forgot how to use spoilers
    My computer's specifications

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC 2gb

    The problem I have now is this:
  2. run memtest to check your ram check all drivers are up to date.
    you could refresh the %appdata%\.minecraft
    back up that directory first before removing it to create a fresh one
    you will have to reconfigure and install res packs ect and copy over your saves if you have local survival saves.

    also get the dump files from your blue screen and look at them they help narrow it down really quick
  3. You are having the dreaded blue screen of death. You must find a llama and get it to bless your computer :D
  4. The RAM tester couldn't find anything wrong (EDIT: the minecraft thing didn't work)
  5. blue screens are cause by a very little list

    pc hardware
    hardware drivers
    software conflicts with hardware drivers (anti-viruses can too)

    so whats your dump files say

    C:\Windows\Minidump\ there will be *.dmp files here

    user a online analyzer the one by osronline gives a good readout
    you can find out whats a causing blue screen

    have you made sure your java is latest

  6. my blue screens were fixed before I posted this thread and the only problem is minecraft doing that thing.. java is also updated to the latest version (and has been for a long time)