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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AmusedStew, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. My mom bought a new laptop for schhool work and anything else unrelated to gaming. I just was stupid so need your help...

    I wa plugging the asus laptop into the tv via hdmi, at first it wouldnt connect to tv so i did some googling and changed resolution to connect to 2 screen. On tv though the picture only covered about half size of tv, so under settings for the screen i hit "disconnect"...

    Now my screen is black so i power down and powe back up, it sshows i itial asus loading screen then goes black. Its still doing this.

    Thiz iz a brand new laptop so it isnt a hardware izsue... any and all help appreciated.
    New issue down theres.

  2. Try changing resolution by plugging it into the tv and changing thd resolution fron there
  3. I switched rooms to a new tv... got a pink screen but thats it i cant swirtch resolution without a visual
  4. Hmm... Well... Did you call Geek Squad?? Lol
  5. As its booting up and you see the ASUS logo, hit f12 or whatever button it says your BIOS is set to. Take a picture of it and upload please?
  6. So uhm... it fixed itself...or im some kind of magical genius... either is plausible.

    New issue...

    when it dupes the screen to the tv, on the pc it is normal but on the tv the resolution is like half the screen... so the picture is tiny and the pixels are way too compressed.

    My magical powers fixed it... thanks guys.
  7. Closed as requested by the initial poster.
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