[PC] Flaming Mob Launcher

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Ethy202, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. What is the price of the Flaming Mob Launcher 60K item?
  2. Like almost a mil
  3. not a million, around 550-700k seems to vary with different sellers
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  4. It might. It might not. Ones I've seen previously never really surpassed 500-600k at tops, looks like that's changing! :)
  5. Also best not to judge worth based on 1 auction either. Because this item is rarely auction it might be harder to pinpoint an exact price. But I agree it's def 500k+.
  6. Can I point out this thread is from Dec 15th 2015 xD
  7. Dangit :confused:

  8. Please do not bump old threads. The red text at the bottom isn't for show.
  9. he didnt bump it? probably saw it un answered so he replied
  10. The thread was from December 2015, it is currently July 2016. There was no need for this thread to be bumped.
  11. like i said it wasnt bumped, just had no answer so someone gave him the info that he needed
  12. I don't see how you don't think this was bumped. Had the person actually been searching for an answer he would have bumped the thread himself.
  13. honestly it doesnt matter.. he did nothing wrong

    besides teh second post wasnt a ' bump ' it was info about the price check..
  14. It does matter, to me at least. Sure he broke no rule, but this isn't the first old thread this player has 'bumped'. Anyways, I'm not here to argue so I'll just end the conversation here.
  15. Guys seriously i want this comment here to be the last one... this thread from like 6 months ago is probably at the top of the fourms now and we dont need to have to get staff involved to lock this just because of us
  16. You are the one who bumped the thread, and now you are telling us to stop posting here...:confused:
  17. Thanks everyone who helped giving a price for a flaming mob launcher, I was kind of wondering myself too. :p

    Because making too many threads is blegh imo, how much do people think an Everlasting Axestopper goes for? (also from the 60k members items)
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  18. But it wasnt a bump it was an answer...