Pazzo/Zolara community store

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  1. I represent Zolara under the Pazzo Empire and we have set up a shop and plan on keeping pricing fair and economy friendly.

    We have set up shop on a cluster of lot's within SMP9, the main shop being located on 18313.

    We plan on having members of zolara building on the 7 consecutive lot we have above the 128y axis as to form on giant plot of land

    Currently the store structure is finished and suplly has started rolling out.

    Pop by spend some rupees, learn a bit about us once the Pazzo information section is set up or visit our website here

    if you do pop by after veiwing this thread come back and lemme know what you think of the store so far!

  2. Sad day many people have bought off me since this post yet no one has returned to leave a comment. oh wells

    this is a bump btw
  3. I'll head over and check this out in about 5 mins. I promise to come back and let you know what I think ;)
  4. Well, its a shop after all. No, haven't looked at it yet.
  5. Fantastic, haven't bought anything as I'm not in need of anything in particular at the moment but I'll sure check your shop if I'm in need of anything. Great prices, awesome design & don't let me forget about the fantasticly huge size of the place... great idea connecting plots above the height of Empire Paths :D
  6. This is in the wild or town?
  7. Hey, the price of iron has gone up to 8r!! What is happening man? I thought You had the best prices
  8. With the current demand for iron for anvils etc, 8r is a fair price.
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  9. I think 6r is regular anyway I have places which sell it for 7r
  10. New wool art up on our platform and much more being sold in the store now pop by, check us out