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  1. I just tried to sign up to be a Diamond supporter, but Paypal rejected me. How else can I pay?
  2. I think PayPal is the only way you can pay

    I would contact emc support

    (this may seem random but make sure u got enough in ur account?)
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  3. Save up your rupees in game and buy from a player.
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  4. It rejects the card itself, not the payment because I haven't got that far. The card is a debit card. We never use credit cards due to overspending in the past.
  5. there is allways that option
  6. I really don't want that option. I may not have enough rupees later on to buy again later.
  7. I would send Aikar a discord message about it.
  8. Already went through "Contact Us" under the "More" menu drop down.
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  9. I've never heard about issues with Paypal in relation to EMC. You have used it for other things recently?
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  10. I had my kids have this issue with a debit limit spending card. Pay Pal is somewhat restricted on which cards it accepts. To remedy this I went to walmart, bought a prepaid visa card and load cash on it when they are allowed to spend money with any thing taking pay pal. Any online shopping store and even on EMC here.

    If PayPal isn't accepting that card try a prepaid card. Worked great for us.

    ~Merek's 2r~
  11. What merek suggested is the best option. Unfortunately we are unable to override paypal's limitations and if they do not accept it, it cannot be used.
  12. [Rant] I was trying to log into my PayPal account (I've had one since it was a subsidiary of eBay) and went through the forgot password link. Following the instructions, it attempted to send a security message to a phone number I no longer have. I was stuck in a loop. Calling support offered no help. I've had to Google an actual email address for me to send in my request. Because of their stupidity, I lost a chance to grab a residence beside another player I know in person. [/Rant]

    What happened in the above rant reinforces my hatred of PayPal. Customer service is of no help. Logging in as a Guest and it doesn't accept my debit card (I tried my wife's and the same thing happened). This rant bares no problem with EMC itself. I find that EMC is great (though some of my suggestions for mods keep getting the thumbs down).

    I've used PayPal a couple of times before and I once overpaid for an item. They wouldn't give me back the difference. It took me 5 years to get that money back.

    I repeat I HATE PAYPAL

    I apologize for the bold, italicized CAPs but this is just the way I feel.
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  13. Yeah, Paypal is a pain. It is also very hard to find what you need on their service. I hope you get it figured out! :)
  14. i dont want to be that person but you tryed a diffrent bank? sorry
  15. I’m not a PayPal expert. Though I use PayPal when I buy on emc and it depends on the bank if they accept it. Experience my bank hates ongoing subscriptions through PayPal
  16. I have managed to find the emails of three customer service CEOs. I hope they can help me.
  17. If it was me I’d just create a new PayPal account and buy a one of those loadable visa gift cards to use for EMC if that’s what you want it for. It’s faster than going through all this hassle you seem to be having.
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  18. I've tried creating a new account. It says my email is already used by another account (mine).
  19. Okay. I’ve got like 30 emails so I don’t have that problem. I’d suggest just make a new email for a new PayPal account. That process is what I’d do if time was a factor for what I wanted. In your case the time crunch was for a residence you wanted but I’m getting the feeling it’s no longer available unless I’m mistaken by what you had mentioned earlier.
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  20. I'm personally not sure if creating a new account would be the best solution, but if you do want to do it, you do not need 30 e-mail addresses. You can add or remove periods in your e-mail address to bypass the e-mail check of most websites, such as me using "" or "" instead of "". It might differ with some providers, but you'll probably still get the e-mail delivered to your inbox (and if not: well, you tried).