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  1. You should be able to make a button that costs rupees to use, but it still emits redstone signal. Useul in unwanted item shops, like this-
    hoppers go to a dispencer and a button is on the dispencer, press the button, pay rupees (with the button press) and get an item.
    Or it can be used like this-
    A button with a dropper leading to a chest is payment-you pay -5 rupees for the donation of the item.

    Hope you like!
  2. Some people might accidentally push the button, and especially people like me. i am still a bit confused. would this be like signshop but with buttons to pay?

    I would be lik "must.... not..... push..... I MUST PUSH IT!!!!"

  3. This has been brought up many times but has always been declined on the basis that people will find a way to rig the button to be pushed so that someone ends up paying 'xxxx' Rupees without wanting to / realising it.
  4. I could sort of see this idea work if it were done with the sign system already in place. So that the sign emits a redstone signal. But as Ark_Warrior1 said, this could be done with a comparator, hopper, dirt and a trapped chest.
  5. For one, people already do this with signs.
    For two, if you are too incompetent to operate a button properly, you have bigger problems. Just because some people lack basic cognitive reasoning does not mean this is a bad idea.
  6. don't judge me on my ability to or not to press big red buttons
  7. You're the reason there are warnings on subway sandwiches.
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  8. Nope. i just like pressing buttons :)
  9. Why not have a confirmation thing when you press the button? It would be like...

    Action:Open Wooden Door
    Cost:5 Rupees
    Allows Door Opening For:1 Hour
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  10. Personally i was thinking of different reasons. I was thinking that it could be rigged but aikar would think around that i would guess. There could be a way to make it so you did not know what you are buying or the price and it would appear just plain.
  11. I reckon there'd have to be a sign at least somewhere near the button to assign its purpose and price, in addition to a little in-game message like you get with enchanted books.
  12. that is true. also, the button things of mine was sarcastic ;)