Pay to use doors

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Pay to use doors?

Yes 9 vote(s) 31.0%
No 9 vote(s) 31.0%
Maybe 11 vote(s) 37.9%
  1. I think we should have pay to use doors on EMC. For example you have just made a theme park on your res and for people to be able to use it you have a pay to use door. The door costs 5r to enter once your in the theme park you can explore as much as you want but as soon as you leave you have to use the pay to use door. Perhaps there could be a option where once you have paid you could use the door for the rest of the day or even a option where you could use it forever. Just a suggestion as always! To make pay to use doors all you would have to do is put a sign on top of the door
    A example of the sign would be:


    One day

    Any feedback below:)
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  2. Seems easy to be abused
  3. Could be very easily abused, but if you couldn't abuse it, this would be a good idea.
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  4. What about a sign that when u clicked it teleported u into the place instead of a door in. Just take the shop signs and mod them a lil for this.
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  5. I like it, but could still be abused a few ways
  6. Simple way of stopping it being abused:

    When you click the door, a huge bright red bold message in chat saying "This door requires payment to open. You will be charged 9001 rupees to open it. Double click the door to confirm and pay.". If that doesn't stop abuse, I don't know what will...
  7. If they don't put a roof on it you could ender-pearl, or glitch jump inside.
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  8. Simple way of stopping that happen:

    Put a roof on it.
  9. i see what you mean with the abuse that some people would do but i wouldn't ;)
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  10. i like this but i agree with jack it needs a warning if you need to pay
  11. did no one see my post. A shop sign that teleports you into it, how could u abuse it its plainly writen on the sign. And ya the enderpearl thing would be a way around it. But it would be the responsibility of the person makeing said "rollercoaster" of building a controlled loading area
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  12. How about a person spamming another person's res with doors so nobody couldn't do anything without paying 100,000r first
    it says thare you can make teleporters
    a limit on the amount of signs?
  14. Simple. Make it so only the res owner can place door shops.
  15. well what i mean is that u click the sign instead of standing on the pressure pad. So u pay for admittance. Ive seen ppl have ppl pay for res /move perms to come to an event like a pig race or a spleef match.
  16. I think this is a good idea. Daxter though has his finger on it.
  17. i think it would be a handy thing to be able to do
  18. I also think this should apply to all use things
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  20. I think this could happen if it was done with a sign shop instead of your door idea. The population of EMC already recognizes signs as a "Shop", doors would just confuse everyone.